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Robin Williams recorded most of his scenes in between filming breaks on Hook and Toys.A
103 cars were wrecked during filming. At time of release, this was a world record.B
It is loosely based on 'The Divine Comedy' by Dante Alighieri. Also, there are nine breaks in the movie to represent the nine rings of hell.C
Christopher Walken achieved the withdrawn, hollow look of his character by eating nothing but rice and bananas.D
The first film by Tim Burton to not feature Danny Elfman's music score.E
Although Frances McDormand's character is the film's central role, she does not appear on the screen until over 33 minutes into the film.F
The vault door used in the Fort Knox scene is now located in Bank Of The West in Los Altos, California.G
Joe Pesci's character is named after Orson Welles's character from the film The Third Man.H
As preparation for his role, Sean Penn visited L.A. Goal, a center in Los Angeles for Mentally Handicapped persons.I
Steven Spielberg named the shark 'Bruce' after his lawyer.J
For the shots of the airplanes taking off from the strip, the pilots were paid US$10 each.K
In the end, the pseudonym alias; 'Kelevra' which is Hebrew for 'bad dog' ties with Smith/Mr. Goodkat.L
Director Christopher Nolan chose a Jaguar as Leonard's car because the jaguar has the shortest memory of all the big cats in the animal kingdom.M
Bette Davis complained about Max Steiner's Academy Award-winning musical score, saying that it was too intrusive on her performance.N
Father Brennan's quotation about the 'eternal sea' is completely non-Biblical, and was written for the movie.O
This is the third time Johnny Depp and James Russo work together on a film.P
Robert Redford claims that he spotted the real Charles Van Doren's acting while he was watching the show during his tenure at acting school.Q
The sunglasses Joel wears are the Ray-Ban Wayfarer model. Annual sales of Wayfarers were languishing as of 1983 but skyrocketed 2000% after the movie's release.R
Mills and William Somerset discuss the book 'Of Human Bondage', which was written by W. Somerset Maugham.S
A little-known band in Manchester, UK have adopted the name of Eli and The Third Revelation in homage to the film.T
Stephen Baldwin was wary about joining the production as he was tired of taking part in independent films that turned out to be merely exploitative.U
Kim Novak hated wearing the important gray suit because it felt confining. However, she learned to make it work for her, as she saw it a symbol of Madeleine's character.V
Some of the main character's famous lines come from famous authors such as Shakespeare, Keats, Nash and WildeW
This film is listed among the Top Ten Best Bad Films ever made in Golden Raspberry Award founder John Wilson's book THE OFFICIAL RAZZIE MOVIE GUIDE.X
In the final battle, on a day he wasn't shooting, Emilio Estevez dressed as a bad guy and fought along with them.Y
Twinkies really are called 'Submarinos' in Mexico.Z

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