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Derived from the Swiss 'Verrou' system, this defensive system was popularised in Italy in the 1960s. Translates to English as 'door-bolt'.
A teams primary playmaker who sits in front of the defence to control a game, yet has minimal defensive responsibility and hence more license to roam.
Translates to English as 'hook', this position is used as a pivot to link midfield and attack.
An attacking playmaker with complete creative license and minimal defensive responsibility.
A term popularised by Pep Guardiola's Barcelona to describe a striker who drops into midfield to create space by dragging defenders out of position.
A central defender/sweeper with an offensive license to roam into midfield with the ball, the most famous example of which is Franz Beckenbauer.
A pass, shot or cross which is performed by kicking the ball by sweeping the kicking leg behind the standing leg.
A chipped penalty named after a Czechoslovakian midfielder.
A steep, terraced stand, derived from a battle in the Boer War set upon a steep hill. Commonly associated with one UK club in particular.
Widely accepted as the most embarrassing way to be beaten as a defender, a manuoevre in which the ball is knocked between a defenders legs.
A style of football based around short passes and quick movement, associated with Barcelona and the Spanish national team.
Translates to English as 'Total Football'. A style of football most notably used by Ajax and created by Rinus Michels in which every outfield player can fill in every position.

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