Who's that Pokemon (generation 1)

Can you name the Who's that pokemon (generation 1)?

Forced Order Answers have to be entered in order
Must be traded to evolve (H)
Must be traded to evolve (G)
Must be traded to evolve (K)
Must be traded to evolve (M)
'My mother is dead'
You can get one of us next to Sabrina's Gym
You can get one of us next to Sabrina's Gym
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Negligence
Jesse! (1st ev)
James! (1st ev)
That's right!
Super Nerd's first pokemon (1st ev)
Use a Water Stone on me to turn me into an ice type!
Use a Water Stone on me to turn me into a fighter!
Use a Water Stone on me to enhance my gem!
Use a Fire Stone on me for extra appendages!
Use a Fire Stone on me for a ferocious bite!
Use a Thunder Stone on me!
Use a Leaf Stone on me to cheer me up!
Use a Leaf Stone on me so I can stop looking so derpy!
Use a Leaf Stone on me so I can actually walk!
Master of Evolution
Use a Moon stone on me for the king!
Use a Moon stone on me for the queen!
Use a Moon stone on me and I get even more cuddly!
Use a Moon stone on me and I really don't change very much!
Baby Dragon
Arf Arf
Once a month, girls get...
That's one big dog!
You know you played gen 1 if you hate this one
You're getting sleepy (2nd ev)
You probably caught me early on
And then evolved me at level 18 into
Ooo! A free pokeball...
That's so unlikely, you could say it's:
I hang out near the beginning of the game, but you won't find me for a while...
Water type makes sense, but why am I also flying type?
Safari Zone's Most Wanted Cow
Electabuzz's Blue version counterpart
I'm hungry, where are _______ sticks?
Those are some mighty large cannons
Gender roles
Gender roles
I'm no longer a little sea horse...
If Gandalf needed to make haste, he'd choose
Flying 'Goal'
Swimming 'Goal'
I have 2 arms and no legs, evolve me and I'll have 4 arms AND 2 legs
Too cool for my tents
3 HEADS is better than 1... (2nd ev)
4 arms are better than 2...(3rd ev)
3 BODIES is better than 1... (2nd ev)
One night in...
Misty's Power-House
Probably using Aurora Beam...
Having swords for hands is pretty useful...
Since when do fish have horns?
The derpiest pokemon in your rival's final squad
Metronome 2.0
The enemies in 300 were of _____ descent
Seriously, how do you pronounce this one? (ask Joey)
Have you guys heard of this new band called The Beatles?
Bend spoons with me!
I'm not gonna ________ a love song
The only 'cute' bug
Always confused
I turn on my ________ pants come off (starter)
I come from the second planet from the sun
Evolves at level 55
Thunder Punnnch
I can't believe it's not...
There's no way this bird can fly...
Ponyta of the sea
Cute water type, evolve me ASAP for a bigger swirl
That's one prime monkey...
One day, I'll make honey...
Grab an inhaler
Your rival uses me to fly
The taming of the...
It's shocking that this pokemon is a dog
Look out for moth balls...
HORN DRILL (1st ev)
Lance is the real reason I'm an absentee father...
A rare gem
HARDEN for the love of green
HARDEN for the love of yellow
The only non-electric pokemon found in the power plant...
3 heads is better than 2...
F*** YEAH, the king has arrived
Wait, it doesn't die when it stings you?
Happy little plant
Please don't smooch me
Every good member of Team Rocket has my bite
Least Valuable Player
Oh my! A star!
That's a large mushroom...
The cheshire grin of pokemon
I look like a fat anteater
If you use surf, your pokemon shall become me!
The king of neat-o!
My little...
Go get a silph scope if you want to fight
Bubble! Yes! (starter)
Furry ball of poison
That sprout sprouted legs!
You can use my back as a weapon in mario kart
That pokeball is upside-down...
Self-destructing ball of rock!
The evolution of song (2nd ev)
If she's a virgin, go
Might as well call me monkey
Mermaid Dog
Vicegrip (bug type)
The most frequently picked starter evolves into...
I'll bet the ladies love what this guy can do with his mouth
I'll stick with Pidgey...
A large pile of radioactive waste is my doppelganger
The flower on my back has almost bloomed...
Fear the O's that I'll strike you with!
That was just cruel...
Will wake for food
I'm better at it than the Autobots and Decpticons
Would probably taste good with butter (especially the legs)
The 'top' fossil
My nose is a mouth with a tooth!
Keep him away from your sand castle...
The most tails award goes to...
The people of England ______ as their head of state. (3rd ev)
Keep HIM away from your children
I may look as cute as my first evolution, but pet me and my temper will flare
Flying Fossil
Giovanni's massive pet (rock/ground)
That flower is smiling! (3rd ev)
The very best pokemon card
Not sure if female genitalia or pokemon... (water/ice)
That's one bell I'm not going near...
Cubone's MOTHER
Am I even in Gen 1?

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