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QUIZ: Can you name the rungs in the following word ladder?

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e.g. Spiderman or Captain America
Weakness is Kryptonite
Flame fighter
Blinking bug
Adult form of a pupa/colorful in its form
Type of winter squash
Popular comic strip (w/out the s)
Originally worn by navy sailors
Type of garment that extends below the knees
Bright display in the classroom
Not so bright student/taffy candy
Spandex is __________.
e.g. anti-aging cream
Where a very young child goes to play
Crickets' sleep during these hours
Small Saskatchewan community/when guns are a'blazin
Naval mess-cabin (for higher officials)
Where you'll find 'Z's
Strong command to observe/______the Lamb of God!
Sought by rock climbers
Sought by phlebotomists
e.g. 'squared-off' or 'Hoerner style'
Goose was the best _________
Same as #2
Same as #1
False protagonist
Virus/bacteria hunter
Mutually beneficial relationship (adj)
Compassionate (adj)
Sensitive (adj)
Trenches made to do this
Walls that guide water
A canoe/raft's bed
Civilian sector in a war
Where you can always return to
e.g. arch of foot; cannon (on a horse)
Post move in basketball
Rental returned here
Slippery in all directions (and very cold)
Evening drink
A bed's neighbor
Where you will find current events
Hindenburg informer (not a person)
Tedious action taken after fishing mishap
Not so normal
phenomena; abnormal
Same as #1

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