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What is happening under the lithosphere that makes it move a little bit every year?
Rocks are made up of _____________.
This intrusive igneous rocks makes up Stone Mountain.
The core is made up of what two elements?
What type of rock is made by the melting and cooling of other rocks?
Which plate is Atlanta located on?
Which plate is the Ring of Fire found on?
What states that older sedimentary rocks are found below younger rocks?
Trees are an example of a _________ resource.
The Ring of Fire has most of the world's volcanoes and ____________.
What is the state of matter in the outer core?
This non-renewable energy source burns the cleanest of the three fossil fuels.
What forms when continental crust collides with continental crust?
The largest mountain range in the world is found in the ___________ Ocean.
What does the lithosphere float on top of?
What is the name of the theory that explains how the plates move?
Who used SONAR to see that the seafloor was spreading?
Compression occurs at this type of boundary.
Most fossils are found in what type of rock?
Wegener used evidence from _______ when he noticed that the Mesosaurus lived in both Africa and South America.
The lithosphere is made up of the crust and the ______________.
When you give shale (sedimentary) heat and pressure it turns into ________ (metamorphic).
Eon, Era, _______, Epoch
What was the name of Alfred Wegener's theory?
This alternative energy source uses energy from within the Earth.
Name of the hardness scale used for classifying minerals.
What type of rock is made with heat and pressure?
This alternative energy source uses turbines to collect energy.
Tension occurs at this type of boundary.
What is the most common rock in oceanic crust?

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