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What states that changes in geology occur slowly over time?
Scientists didn't believe Alfred Wegener because he didn't have a ________ for how the plates moved.
Harry Hess used __________ to map the ocean floor and see mountains in the Atlantic Ocean.
What is the first element on the periodic table of elements?
When you give sandstone (sedimentary) intense heat and pressure it turns into ________ (metamorphic).
What states that sedimentary rocks form in horizontal layers?
Name one of the lithospheric plates (other than Pacific and North American)
Which scientist was known as the 'father of geology' and looked at weathering and erosion to develop the idea of uniformitarianism?
What stress type occurs at a strike-slip fault?
What boundary type occurs at a normal fault?
We classify rocks by their color, texture, origin, and _________.
What type of extrusive igneous rock floats on water?
What mineral is a 1 on the Moh's Hardness Scale?
What type of stress occurs when mountains are being formed?
How thick is the outer core?
How do we describe the state of matter of the mantle?
Wegener noticed that what two continents lined up when he started his continental drift theory?
What does 'astheno' mean?
________ is the step in making sedimentary rocks where the sediments are glued together?
The mid-ocean ridge is sometimes called the _______________.

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