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HintVocab Word
The bookcase was only a __________ disguise for a secret door
Griffin is very _____. He rarely shows emotion when things happen, good or bad
The child felt _______ terror when she thought there was a monster under her bed
Certain diseases are _____ to specific regions of the world
Outlaws and criminals are often considered to be _____
happy:sad :: weak:____
Odysseus used this when he thought of the idea of the Trojan Horse
Scout ___ the lynch mob with her innocence
Before you get on your plane, you must first know your ________
Psychics claim to be ___________
HintVocab Word
I cannot _________ how those MIT students got a police car on top of the domed building
Atticus claims to have _______ evidence that Tom Robinson is innocent
I cannot _______ why some people dislike ice cream
Bill was cited for _____ when he copy and pasted a paragraph from an article and put it into his research paper without a citation
When an author foreshadows, they ____ to what is going to happen next
A baby is _______ when they are given their pacifier
The Asian Kudzu plant is not ________ to the US
Someone with Autism is likely to _______ a friendly choke as a personal attack
People who sing during studies may be considered ___________
The rose has a very ______ and alluring scent
HintVocab Word
Before we took the test, the teacher reminded us about the rules for __________ and not cheating
The child's ______ behavior landed him in timeout
Michael Jordan's play in the NBA is ______ of a great scorer
There are strange fingers __________ from the cup full of buttons on the computer desk
There was no _____ evidence against Tom Robinson
The insanity of the last 15 seconds of a Harlem Shake video is intensified by the ________ contrast from the serene first 15 seconds.
It takes ___________ to come up with a believable false pretext
I was very proud when my teacher found my work to be __________ and used it in front of the class
Large icebergs ______ from the surface of the ocean
Jen left the classroom under the _________ that she was going to the bathroom, but she was really going to smoke a ciagrette outside
HintVocab Word
Kids often tell their parents a false ________ for why they will not be home when they said they would.
Students are always told to never do this when writing assignments for school
Bernie Madoff, who stole lots of money through a Ponzi scheme, is now known to be __________
I forgot what time my train was leaving, so I checked my ________
Using guile to come up with false pretexts for your actions can undermine your personal ____________
_________ : misunderstand :: divide : separate
Mystery novels often provide clues that _________ to the suspect
People who value popularity and looks over character and integrity might be considered _______
The soothsayers in The Odyssey, such as Tiresias and Halitherses, claim to be _________
Goldfish can be very ________ animals; they don't react to much.

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