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HintVocab Word
My mother won’t _______ of the amount of money she spent in one store
Michelle Obama is a __________ of exercising and living a healthy lifestyle
A building loses value over time due to _____
The car was worth $28,000 when they first bought it. Twenty years later, it was worth $5,000 because of its _________.
In the Amazon, the earth is veined with small rivers and _________
This vocab word must always be followed by the word 'yourself' or 'one's self'
The man ____ in sight of the bear
Foolish people _________ their money on things they don’t need
A good marathoner is __________ in his or her pursuit of the finish line
The woman had to _____ the money she lost from gambling
HintVocab Word
Synonyms include: jumble, confuse, obscure, distort, scramble; misstate
Synonyms include: Conciseness, concision, succinctness
With a powerful rifle, one must be careful that the _______ does not hurt their shoulder
Water was what she needed to ______ her strength
The teacher was ________________ when she gave a lot of information to the students in one sentence.
The trash can ______ of fish and diapers
Atticus Finch is an ___________ person because he reads every day and sees things from many perspectives
The student ________ all of his time on Youtube during his study
Synonyms include: modest, unassuming, meek, mild
The cheap microphone kept ______ his voice
HintVocab Word
__________(-ing) homework is similar to procrastinating; it creates stress later.
That annoying woman would not stop talking, she was __________.
Antonyms include: lengthy, wordy, verbose
If you talk when you are nervous, this might happen to your voice.
The deer had been running from a hunter for hours, so it stopped at a _______ in the woods to get a drink
To do this would make a person untrustworthy and unable to keep a secret.
The woman is reserved and shy, which means she is ____
Albert Einstein is a ________ of the theory of relativity
The class was tapping their pencils on their desks making a ____ rhythm
After a game, the team locker room _______
HintVocab Word
He was a great player, but as he got older, his ability ________.
Teachers _________ students every day by giving students new knowledge and perspectives
By taking vitamins now, diseases of aging can be ______ later in life.
If you _______ yourself in school, you do all your work and don’t get in trouble.
The principal issued a ________ that students must wear uniforms to school
President Bush wrote a _________ allowing the government to listen to all phone calls without a warrant
Her healthy hair started to _______ after she dyed it
The boy's voice ______ when he was sent to the office
A good speaker can get his point across in few words by using _______
Clocks and high heels make this type of sound

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