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Forced Order
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New World State TermsA parody of a religious service but with strong sexual elements
New World State TermsA person who gives birth to live young might be described as
New World State TermsThe process of developing embryos in test tubes where everything can be controlled rather than in women
New World State TermsA solidarity service that symbolizes the coming together of many people into a unified onness
CharactersThis young man lives on the Savage Reservation and takes a liking to Lenina
New World State TermsThe process by which babies are removed from the bottles (i.e. they are 'born')
New World State TermsSleep-teaching
New World State TermsThe man who invented the ideological underpinnings of the New World State. His name often replces Jesus or God in phrases
New World State TermsAn adult game that Lenina and Henry play on a date
CharactersShe is a good citizen of the NWS but her whole world changes when she goes to the Savage Reservation
New World State TermsA third gender in the New World State who are females that have ovaries which will eventually be taken by the hatcheries for mass production of eggs
New World State TermsDHC stands for...
CharactersThis young man does not fit into the NWS. He may have had something wrong with his blood surrogate.
New World State TermsThe lowest caste in the New World State
CharactersHe writes hypnopaedic sayings and also empathizes with Bernard
CharactersShe was born in the NWS but has since moved to the savage reservation ever since she accidentally got pregnant
New World State TermsA wearable contraceptive
New World State TermsThe highest caste in the New World State
CharactersThe main character of the early chapters who is delighted with Bokanovsky's Process. He also turns out to be John's father.
New World State TermsOne of the only places left on earth where people remain in a natural state

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