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How many eggs does Tre claim no man can eat?
What would Mike Dirnt like to laugh at for once?
What animals sparked the question, 'Is this dirty?'
What 3 musicians does Billie Joe claim sound like Cher? (in order)
What can't Tre stop?
What would Tre do if he wasn't a drummer
What song does Billie play with his dog on piano?
Finish this statement: Fiddle....
What is Tre's gardening tip? Why?
What is gardening tip number 5?
Why do you **** the dog?
What food do Billie and Tre refuse to share with the audience
What kind of coffee does Tre like?
What does Tre say is 'big'?
What is Tre's sex position?
What did Billie Joe pee in while sleepwalking?
What was Mike on when he wrote the bass riff to Longview?
Why would Tre be 'the chick from Golden Girls'?
What does Billie Joe say to Tre after his drum solo?

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