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I found 69 more or less interesting bits of trivia, but I struck out here. So simply type 'Burl Ives'.Burl Ives (1958: The Big Country)
Holds the record for most Oscar nominations for a black actor.Denzel Washington (1989: Glory)
Only posthumous Best Supporting Actor winner.Heath Ledger (2008: The Dark Knight)
Only Oscar winner under Quentin Tarantino's direction.Christoph Waltz (2009: Inglourious Basterds; 2012: Django Unchained)
Only Best Supporting Actor winner who's also a two-times best Actor winner.Jack Nicholson (1983: Terms of Endearment)
Only winner of three Oscars for Best Supporting Actor.Walter Brennan (1936: Come and Get It; 1938: Kentucky; 1940: The Westerner)
Only male actor to win an Oscar under Woody Allen's direction.Michael Caine (1986: Hannah and Her Sisters; 1999: The Cider House Rules)
Only Best Supporting Actor winner for playing a transgender character.Jared Leto (2013: Dallas Buyers Club)
Only winner of back-to-back Best Supporting Actor Oscars.Jason Robards (1976: All the President's Men; 1977: Julia)
Beat out a Japanese nominee for the award, and had a Japanese love interest in the film he won for.Red Buttons (1957: Sayonara)
Was directed to his Oscar win by his son.Walter Huston (1948: The Treasure of the Sierra Madre)
Youngest Best Supporting Actor winner at the time of the ceremony.Timothy Hutton (1980: Ordinary People)
First black Best Supporting Actor winner.Louis Gossett, jr. (An Officer and a Gentleman)
Most recent Best Supporting Actor winner for a film that also won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.Christian Bale (2010: The Fighter)
Only actor to win Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor out of his only two career nominations.Kevin Spacey (1995: The Usual Suspects)
Won Best Supporting Actor for playing a character that won another actor a Best Actor Oscar just two years earlier.Robert De Niro (1974: The Godfather: Part II)
Most Recent Best Supporting Actor winner for his year's Best Picture winner.Javier Bardem (2007: No Country for Old Men)
Won an Oscar for playing Santa Claus.Edmund Gwenn (1947: Miracle on 34th Street)
Won an Oscar for playing a professional football player.Cuba Gooding, jr. (1996: Jerry Maguire)
The same year he won his Best Supporting Actor Oscar, he was also Oscar nominated as the writer and the director of another film.George Clooney (2005: Syriana)
Was nominated for the same performance in both the Lead Actor and Supporting Actor category, and won the latter.Barry Fitzgerald (1944: Going My Way)
Only Oscar winner under Spike Jonze's direction.Chris Cooper (2002: Adaptation.)
First winner of Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor Oscars.Jack Lemmon (1955: Mister Roberts)
Besides his Best Supporting Actor Oscar, he also won an honorary Oscar for 'bringing hope and courage to his fellow veterans' for the same performance.Harold Russell (1946: The Best Years of Our Lives)
Only cast member of Hitchcock's 'Psycho' to went on to win an Oscar.Martin Balsam (1965: A Thousand Clowns)
Only Best Supporting Actor winner from a film with three acting Oscars.Karl Malden (1951: A Streetcar Named Desire)
His complete acceptance speech was: 'It's my privilege. Thank you.'Joe Pesci (1990: Goodfellas)
Won for the only movie that won eleven Oscars that included awards for acting.Hugh Griffith (1959: Ben-Hur)
Most recent Best Supporting Actor winner for a film that also won for Best Actress.Morgan Freeman (2004: Million Dollar Baby)
Only Oscar winning actor who is also a doctor of medicine, trained as a surgeon and gynecologist.Haing S. Ngor (1984: The Killing Fields)
Most recent Best Supporting Actor winner to win for his film's only nomination.Christopher Plummer (2011: Beginners)
Only Oscar winner under Stanley Kubrick's direction.Peter Ustinov (1960: Spartacus; 1964: Topkapi)
First Oscar winning actor who would play a James Bond villain later in his career.Christopher Walken (1978: The Deer Hunter)
Holds the record for the biggest span between two Best Supporting Actor Oscars (16 years).Melvyn Douglas (1963: Hud; 1979: Being There)
Only Best Supporting Actor winner who lived to see his 100th birthday.George Burns (1975: The Sunshine Boys)
Only Oscar winner under Brian de Palma's direction.Sean Connery (1987: The Untouchables)
Trivia Actor % Correct
The only actor besides Jack Nicholson to win Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor for performances in two Best Picture winners.Gene Hackman (1992: Unforgiven)
The second of his two Oscar performances was the shortest ever to win for Best Supporting Actor.Anthony Quinn (1952: Viva Zapata!; 1956: Lust for Life)
The only cast member of 'The Magnificent Seven' to win an Oscar after making that film.James Coburn (1998: Affliction)
First Best Supporting Actor winner for his year's Best Picture winner.Joseph Schildkraut (1937: The Life of Emile Zola)
First Best Supporting Actor winner born in the 20th century.Van Heflin (1942: Johnny Eager)
With 39 years, this actor holds the record for the longest time span between a first Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor and a victory in that category.Jack Palance (1991: City Slickers)
Only winner of an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for a performance that is entirely not in the English language.Benicio del Toro (2000: Traffic)
The first cast member of '12 Angry Men' to win an Oscar.Ed Begley (1962: Sweet Bird of Youth)
Most recent actor to win an Oscar for reprising a role that had already won him a Tony.Joel Grey (1972: Cabaret)
According to his co-star Joe Pantoliano, this actor dismissed his Oscar role during the shooting by saying 'It's not like any of us are going to win any Oscars for this.'Tommy Lee Jones (1993: The Fugitive)
Only Best Supporting Actor winner for a non-speaking part.John Mills (1970: Ryan's Daughter)
First British winner of a Best Supporting Actor Oscar.Donald Crisp (1941: How Green Was My Valley)
He is the Best Supporting Actor winner with the earliest date of birth (June 19th 1877)Charles Coburn (1943: The More the Merrier)
Won his Oscar for playing a character he had previously played in a short movie of the same namee.J.K. Simmons (2014: Whiplash)
Tallest Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actor (at 196 cm).Tim Robbins (2003: Mystic River)
The earliest Best Supporting Actor winner still alive.George Chakiris (1961: West Side Story)
Winner of an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony, and being 87 when he received the last of these accolades, he was the oldest artist to win all four.John Gielgud (1981: Arthur)
With 5 competetive awards there, he's something of a Golden Globes favorite - yet he did not win for the performance that would win him his only Oscar.Robin Williams (1997: Good Will Hunting)
Won Best Supporting Actor for the last Best Picture winner to receive nominations in all of the four acting categories. Frank Sinatra (1953: From Here to Eternity)
Most recent Best Supporting Actor winner from a black-and-white film.Martin Landau (1994: Ed Wood)
Five years after the release of the film, this actor would reprise his Oscar winning role for a TV series, earning him two Golden Globe nominations during its eight year run.John Houseman (1973: The Paper Chase)
To get his Oscar, this actor spent at least 5.000 $ of his own money on campaign ads, showing, among other things, him carrying ('supporting') his film's lead actor,George Kennedy (1967: Cool Hand Luke)
In the year of his Oscar win, he also was a co-star of three of that year's Best Actress nominees, playing their husband, father and boss respectively. (All three lost.)Jim Broadbent (2001: Iris)
With 46 years, he holds the record for the longest time span between a first and last Oscar nomination for acting for a man.Alan Arkin (2006: Little Miss Sunshine)
Won the only Oscar for the film that holds the record for most Oscar nominations without a Best Picture nomination.Gig Young (1969: They Shoot Horses, Don't They?)
Accepted his Oscar winning part only after the director enlisted John Ford's help to appeal to him, and only after swear words were removed from his dialog.Ben Johnson (1971: The Last Picture Show)
The most recent Oscar winner from a year when all Best Supporting Actor nominees were first-time nominees and none of the five has returned for a second nomination.Don Ameche (1985: Cocoon)
First (of nine) actors to win an Oscar under Elia Kazan's direction.James Dunn (1945: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn)
Only male actor to win an Oscar under Henry King's direction.Dean Jagger (1949: Twelve O'Clock High)
First actor to win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for reprising a role that had already won him a Tony.Jack Albertson (1968: The Subject Was Roses)
Won his Oscar for playing a character actually named 'Oscar'.Edmund O'Brien (1954: The Barefoot Contessa)
Suffered a heart attack during the making of his Oscar film and had to wear a cast on his left arms when he accepted his Oscar due to a fall a few days before the ceremony.Walter Matthau (1966: The Fortune Cookie)
In his autobiography, this actor wrote about winning an Oscar that 'apart from making my already large ego one size larger it did absolutely nothing for me.'George Sanders (1950: All About Eve)
Not only was his Oscar film a Best Picture nominee, but he also co-starred in two more Best Picture nominees that year, including the Best Picture winner.Thomas Mitchell (1939: Stagecoach)
He was nominated for Best (Lead) Actor at the BAFTAs for the same performance; the Best Supporting Actor BAFTA went to a British co-star from the same film.Kevin Kline (1988: A Fish Called Wanda)

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