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Can you find the words for this Jane-Fonda-themed Word Ladder?

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Clue4-Letter Rung
• 1980: ____ to [rung 28] •
• 1969: They Shoot Horses, ____ They? •
French for bridge
• 1981: On Golden ____ •
Remain undecided
Character in 'Parks & Recreation': ____ Hapley
Incidental privilege
• 1967: Barefoot in the ____ •
• 1987: Leonard ____ 6 (cameo) •
Trading center
Fourth planet from the sun
Hearing organs
Clue4-Letter Rung
Goes astray
Greek goddess of discord
• 1989: Stanley & ____ •
States of anger
Abbrev. for the 1st word in POTUS
Filled cakes
John ____ at the End
Reduces the illumination
Hemispherical roof
• 1978: Coming ____ •
Where bees live
• 1980: [rung 1] to ____ •

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