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Can you find the words for this Jack-Lemmon-themed Word Ladder?

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Clue4-Letter Rung
• 1962: ____ of [rung 22] and [rung 32]s •
There are 50 of them to leave your lover
Star ____
Specific kind of merchandise
• 1972: ____ the Tiger •
Salvia officinalis
• 1974: The Front ____ •
Things stacked upon one another
Actress Rosamund
• 1959: Some ____ It Hot •
Cage, or Skywalker
Stringed instrument
Attractive and delightful
• 1993: Short ____ •
Clue4-Letter Rung
Sealed containers
Walking stick
Bowling alley
• 1962: [rung 1] of ____ and [rung 32]s •
Looney Tunes character: ______ E. Coyote
Liver secretion
Piece of paper money
• 1958: ____ Book and Candle •
Worn around the waist
Opposite of worst
Good Queen ____
Decision maker
• 1992: Glengarry Glen ____ •
• 1962: [rung 1] of [rung 22] and ____s •

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