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Can you find the words for this Cate-Blanchett-themed word ladder?

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Clue4-Letter Rung
• 2003: The ____ of the Rings: The Return of the [rung 38] •
• 1997: Paradise ____ •
Comprehend writing
Pard of a necklace
Pitt, or Dourif
Donkey's cry
• 2001: Charlotte ____ •
Degree holder
Provoke to action
• 2006: The ____ German •
• 2010: Robin ____ •
Keep in hand
Not strong
5280 feet
Clue4-Letter Rung
• 2004: The ____ Aquatic with Steve Zissou •
British elevator
• 2000: The ____ •
Light fog
Pole on a ship
Group of actors in a film
• 2008: The Curious ____ of Benjamin Button •
Worn by Superman and Elvis Presley
The answers of this quiz are written ALL ____
• 2015: Knight of ____ •
Baby dogs
Gladys Knight's backup singers
There are 10 of them in bowling
Sharp sound
• 2003: The [rung 1] of the Rings: The Return of the ____ •

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