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Can you name the students in Period 1?

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Forced Order
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Her feet definitely aren't stinky at all
Has a pig named farty. I just made that up.
He likes scooters and stares at his fingers when he types
Likes Anime
Can fit 6 jumbo marshmallows in their mouth at once.
Has seen every episode of South Park and loves One Direction
Good at computer programming. Promised to program a program about how awesome Mr. Versace is
Has a hamster named 'Whiskers'
Can do 1,000 pogo stick jumps... and loves bacon
Sup brah?
Tries everything once. And loves running outside
Can put their feet behind their head
He is good at football and wanted me to let you know that he is the least interesting person in the world
Types all of her papers in a weird font and forgot to give me an interesting fact about herself
When asked to type his name during a test, he typed 'Xschatu'
Her name is Kimber
Good at drawing. Promised to draw Mr. Versace an awesome picture of Mr. Versace
Has the same middle name as Shelby and Sarah
Is 45% Seahorse
He can do a rubik's cube and is he awesome
Loves IHOP
Name rhymes with Bisaac Blevenger

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