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Can you pick the character(s) responsible for each character's death during The Dance of the Dragons?

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CharacterKilled by...Method
Lord Lyman BeesburyThroat slit
Ser Hobert HightowerDrank poisoned wine
Ser Criston ColeKilled by arrows
VermaxWounded then drowned with sinking ship
TessarionMercy killed with arrows
Ser Addam VelaryonKilled in the Second Battle of Tumbleton
Lady CaswellHanged herself
Lord Marq AmbroseKilled in the Second Battle of Tumbleton
Ser Willam RoyceKilled in the King's Landing Riots
Ser Garth the HarelipBeheaded
MoondancerDied from wounds
Prince Lucerys VelaryonDied falling from the sky atop Arrax
Ser Loreth LandsdaleKilled protecting Queen Rhaenyra
ArraxHead torn off
VhagarDied from wounds received from Caraxes and the fall into the God's Eye
Ser Lorent MarbrandUnknown
Lord Bartimos CeltigarCastrated and beheaded
Ser Gwayne HightowerStabbed in the stomach
Lord Jasper WyldeBeheaded
BloodTortured to death
Ser Merrell the BoldSpeared through the back
Prince Maelor TargaryenTorn apart
ShykrosAxe to the skull (7 blows)
Ser Harmon of the ReedsBeheaded
Ulf the WhitePoisoned
SeasmokeHead torn off
CharacterKilled by...Method
Silver DenysEaten
Hugh HammerEviscerated with Valyrian steel sword Orphan Maker
Ser Byron SwannBurned to death
Ser Harrold DarkeHead split with an axe
Prince Jaehaerys TargaryenBeheaded
Ser Adrian RedfortSpeared through the back
Lord Ormund HightowerKilled in the First Battle of Tumbleton
Lord Owen CostayneKilled in the Battle of the Honeywine
Ser Rickard ThorneKilled by crossbow bolts
Ser Simon StrongSlain in single combat
Ser Gyles YronwoodBludgeoned
CaraxesDied from wounds received from Vhagar and the fall into the God's Eye
Grand Maester GerardysHung by his maester's chain and eviscerated
Queen Helaena TargaryenImpaled on spikes after jumping from Maegor's Holdfast
Queen Rhaenyra TargaryenEaten
Ser Otto HightowerBeheaded
Prince Daeron TargaryenKilled in the Second Battle of Tumbleton
Lord Owen FossowayKilled in the Second Battle of Tumbleton
TyraxesKilled in the storming of the Dragon Pit
Ser Roger CorneHorseshoes nailed to his skull
Lord Roderick DustinShield arm chopped off
DreamfyreCrushed by the Dragon Pit's dome when it collapsed
MorghulSpeared through the eye
Ser Adrian TarbeckKilled in battle
Lord Tristan VanceKilled in the Battle at the Red Fork
Lord Gormon MasseyBurned to death
CharacterKilled by...Method
Lord Samwell BlackwoodSlain in single combat
MeleysDied from wounds inflicted in battle
Ser Lyonel BentleyDied from a head wound sustained in the Riverlands
Lady Mysaria (The White Worm)Whipped to death
Ser Bryndon HightowerKilled in the First Battle of Tumbleton
StormcloudScorpion bolt
Tom FlowersBurned to death in the Battle of the Honeywine
Ser Glendon GoodeTorn apart
Prince Jacaerys VelaryonCrossbow bolt through the neck
Prince Aemond TargaryenStabbed through his blind eye with Dark Sister
Ser Balon ByrchKilled by an arrow in the Riverlands
Lord Walys MootonBurned to death
VermithorKilled in the Second Battle of Tumbleton
SyraxKilled after the storming of the Dragon Pit
Princess Rhaenys TargaryenBurned and broken after falling from Meleys
Ser Luthor LargentHead crushed with a cobblestone
Prince Daemon TargaryenDied when he Caraxes crashed into the God's Eye
Ser Richard RoddenArrow through the neck
Prince Joffrey VelaryonThrown from Syrax's back
Ser Robert QuinceSpeared through the stomach
Ser Arryk CargyllSlain in single combat
Ser Steffon DarklynBurned to death
Bold Jon RoxtonKilled in the Second Battle of Tumbleton
Ser Erryk CargyllSlain in single combat
Lord Jason LannisterDied from a wound received in the Battle at the Red Fork

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