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King over whose succession The Dance of the Dragons was fought.
The king's choice for his successor, whose supporters were known as The Blacks.
The king's 2nd queen, who would eventually refute the claim of the Blacks and support her own son's claim
The queen's son, whose supporters were known as The Greens
Hand of the King at the start of the Dance
First husband of Rhaenyra Targaryen
Rumored father of Rhaenyra's sons
Rhaenyra Targaryen's 2nd husband
Kingsguard member who vehemently opposed the Blacks and was an integral member of the Greens - called 'The Kingmaker'
First casualty of the Dance - Master of Coin who had his throat slit for supporting the Blacks
Kingsguard knight who fled King's Landing for Dragonstone with the Targaryen crown
Admiral of the Royal Fleet, sided with the Blacks. Nicknamed 'The Sea Snake'
Killed Prince Lucerys and his dragon, Arrax, over Shipbreaker Bay; nicknamed 'One-Eye'
Nicknames for the City Watch serjeant and the rat-catcher who murdered Prince Jaehaerys Targaryen as revenge for Prince Lucerys
Location of the battle that saw the deaths of Princess Rhaenys Targaryen and her dragon, Meleys the Red Queen, and the severe wounding of King Aegon II. (Seat of House Staunton)
Female Dragonseed who claimed the dragon Sheepstealer; rumored to have had an affair with Prince Deamon
Nickname bestowed upon Prince Daeron Targaryen by Lord Ormond Hightower after the former's heroics at the Battle of the Honeywine
Nickname for the Battle of the Lakeshore - bloodiest land battle of the Dance - in which thousands of Lannister troops were forced into the lake and slaughtered
Nickname for the battle in which Ser Criston Cole was killed by archers after Ser Roderick Dustin and Ser Pate the Lionslayer denied his challenge for single combat
These two major figures in the Dance died in the Battle Above the God's Eye when their dragons, Vhagar & Caraxes, crashed into the water (though one had been slain by Dark Sister)
Dragonseed who died with his dragon, Seasmoke, at the Second Battle of Tumbleton; legitimized bastard of Lord Corlys Velaryon
Only name given for the mad prophet who urged the storming of the Dragon Pit
Queen Rhaenyra's she-dragon who killed Prince Joffrey Targaryen when he tried to mount her, then died in the storming of the Dragon Pit
How many dragons perished in the storming of the Dragon Pit?
Which dragon was Queen Rhaenyra fed to at the end of the Dance?
Name of the Hedge Knight who tried to crown his squire, Ser Trystane Truefyre, as a bastard of King Viserys I during the Moon of the Three Kings
How did King Aegon II die?
Name for the brief period after Aegon II's death, during which Lord Cregan Stark acted as Hand of the King and put several traitors to death.
Which king ascended the Iron Throne after Aegon II's death?
The only member of the Seven Regents to serve the full term, and author of The Dance of The Dragons: A True Telling

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