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How much do you know about the Rebellions of House Blackfyre?

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King who legitimized his bastards, including Daemon I Blackfyre
Daemon I's surname before taking the name Blackfyre
King who sat the Iron Throne at the start of the Blackfyre Rebellion
Dornish wife of the king at the start of the rebellion
Sister and wife of the king who legitimized his bastards
Daemon I Blackfyre's wife
Woman with whom Daemon I was in love, which some say caused of the rebellion
Great bastard who sided with his brother Daemon
Great bastard who remained loyal to the king
Prominent knight who sided with Blackfyre; slain on the eve of the war's biggest battle by an archer's arrow
Name of the most famous battle of the Blackfyre Rebellion
Hand of the King, slain during the war's most famous battle
Kingsguard member who fought Daemon Blackfyre for an hour
Two Valyrian steel swords used during the Rebellion
Two Targaryen princes who led loyalist armies during the famous battle
Nickname of the deadly archer force commanded by loyalist Great Bastard
Slew Daemon I Blackfyre
Name given by singers to the Targaryen Princes' military strategy
Sellsword company founded by rebel GReat Bastard who fled to the Free Cities
Estimated number of casualties in the Rebellion's biggest battle
Lord who hosted the Tourney at Whitewalls, site of the 2nd Blackfyre Rebellion
Hedge knight alias of Deamon II Blackfyre
Defeated Ser Tommard Heddle, one of the 2nd rebellion's orchestrators, in single combat
Unhorsed Daemon II Blackfyre in trial by joust, effectively ending the rebellion;claimed to be the bastard son of Fireball
3rd orchestrator of the 2nd rebellion (along with Heddle and castle lord), executed for his role

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