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How many of the Free Folk can you identify? (Some of them are pretty tough!)

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A raider famed for his prowess at killing brothers of the Night's Watch, killed by Qhorin Halfhand.
A legendary King Beyond the Wall who infiltrated Winterfell and fathered a bastard on Lord Brandon Stark's daughter.
A raider who constantly complains about the boil on his arse.(Apparently, it's quite large.)
A wildling spearwife garrisoned at Long Barrow under Iron Emmett (both literally and figuratively, according to Dolorous Edd.)
A skinchanger who's accompanied by his boar - a giant beast that sets Ghost on edge
A 'friend' to the Night's Watch who weds and beds his own daughters
Mance Rayder's lover, dies in childbirth
A wildling leader who presents Jon Snow with a sealskin hat as he passes beneath the wall.
One of Tormund Giantsbane's sons, he is slain by Ser Richard Horpe (or a knight bearing Horpe's sigil) at the Battle of Castle Black.
A young son of Tormund Giantsbane, he is give over to the Night's Watch as a hostage. Jon Snow pledges to make the boy his personal page.
A legendary King Beyond the Wall (along with his brother), his children are said to haunt the caves beyond The Wall.
A wildling raider who claims to be a descendant of the legendary King Beyond the Wall Raymun Redbeard. Queen Selyse Baratheon proclaims him King of the Wildlings.
One of Craster's daughter-wives, she escapes Craster's keep with Samwell Tarly.
A legendary King Beyond the Wall (along with his brother), he knew the path through the caves (but died before teaching it to his brother, apparently.)
A wildling leader from the frozen shore. (It is unclear whether or not he has tusks.)
A female wildling travelling with Osha and the Night's Watch deserters when they happen upon Bran Stark in the forest outside Winterfell. She is killed by Summer.
Brother of Harma Dogshead who begrudgingly agrees to fight for the Night's Watch (but refuses to take the black.)
Dog-hating wildling raider who is killed by Stannis' army at the battle of Castle Black.
One of two wildling brothers who fathered sons on the same woman, and he apparently the better looking of the two.
One of two wildling brothers who fathered sons on the same woman, he presents Jon Snow with a bear claw necklace as he passes beneath the Wall.
A wildling spearwife posing as one of 'Abel's' washerwomen in Winterfell. She's killed by a crossbow bolt while helping Theon and Jeyne Poole escape.
A wildling raider who, according to Tormund Giantsbane, 'walks alone.'
Val's lover, he falls from the wall when scaling it with Jon Snow.
An old wildling from the Haunted Forest, he is one of the first to take the black.
A legendary King Beyond the Wall, he 'blew the Horn of Winter, and woke the giants from the earth.'
A wildling raider with a wooden ear.
One of the first of the free folk to take the black, he is made Master of Arms at Castle Black. He teaches the common tongue to Wun Wun the giant, and the Old Tongue to Jon Snow.
A wildling raider who enjoys the reputation of having a very long... well, you know. He steals Tormund Giantsbane's daughter.
Leader of the giants, he kills and is killed by Donal Noye during the Battle of Castle Black
Former brother of the Night's Watch and now King Beyond the Wall, he united all the clans of the free folk
The 'milk name' of Mance Rayder's son
A warrior-witch who wears a weirwood mask, she is given command of Queensgate by Jon Snow.
A woods witch who claims to have had a vision of salvation by sea, she leads thousands of wildlings to Hardhome
Daughter of Tormund Giantsbane, she is stolen by a raider of prodigious manhood.
A skinchanger who's killed by Jon Snow in the Skirling Pass, but lives on through his eagle.
A wildling in service to House Stark.
A young wildling (already a husband and father at fourteen), he is part of the party that scales the Wall with Jon. He is killed during the Battle of Castle Black
A notorious wildling raider, he is burned at Castle Black in place of Mance Rayder.
A legendary King Beyond the Wall, he led an invasion of the north, only to be slain by Artos the Implacable.
The new Magnar of Thenn, husband of Alys Karstark, and founder of the newly styled House Thenn.
A wildling raider who pledges his axe to Jon Snow ('if ever [he has] need of such'), he is given the command of the garrison at Stonedoor.
The earless Magnar of Thenn, killed at the Battle of Castle Black.
One of Tormund Giantsbane's sons, he stands a foot taller than his father (which is probably why he's nicknamed 'The Tall.')
Husband to Bears. Father of Hosts. Breaker of Ice. The Tall-Talker. The Horn-Blower. The Mead King of Ruddy Hall.
Son of Tormund Giantsbane, he's nicknamed 'The Tame.' After perishing of exposure to the cold, he returns as a wight, forcing his father to slay him.
'The Wildling Princess'
A diminutive wildling skinchanger whose entourage includes three wolves, a shadowcat, and a snow bear.
A notorious wildling raider named for his red, runny eyes. He returns the eyeless heads of Garth Greyfeather, Hairy Hal, and Black Jack Bulwer to Castle Black.
A young vegan giant with a taste for wine , he was last seen bashing the corpse of Ser Patrek of King's Mountain against a wall.
A wildling spearwife whose favorite pastime is reminding Jon Snow of his very limited education.

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