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Category and HintsAnswersGame
Special Infected-Jumps L4D
Special Infected-CoughingL4D
Special Infected-FatL4D
Special Infected-CryerL4D
Special Infected-BossL4D
Special Infected-KarmaL4D2
Special Infected-HumpsL4D2
Special Infected-Green AcidL4D2
Special Infected-ScreamsL4D- Cut
Special Infected-Original SpitterL4D2-Cut
Special Infected-Also FatL4D2
Special Infected-Better Safe Then SorryL4D
Special Infected-Walking and CryerL4D2
Special Infected-WeddingL4D2 DLC
Bonus Character-Ellis FriendL4D2
Bonus Character-Ellis Friend 2L4D2
Bonus Character-Zombie's Aren't SafeL4D
Bonus Character-Gun Shop OwnerL4D2
Bonus Character-Boat DriverL4D2
Bonus Character-Military L4D
Bonus Character-Military 2L4D
Bonus Character-Midnight RiderL4D2
Bonus Character-Midnight RiderL4D2
Bonus Character-Midnight RiderL4D2
Bonus Character-Midnight RiderL4D2
Bonus Character-Zombie Reference,DR2L4D2
Uncommon Infected-HazmatL4D2
Uncommon Infected-Lead ZombiesL4D2
Uncommon Infected-In the WaterL4D2
Uncommon Infected-HelmetsL4D2
Uncommon Infected-PoliceL4D2
Uncommon Infected-Has ItemsL4D2 DLC
Uncommon Infected-Car DriverL4D2 (Hidden)
Campaign-In the MiddleL4D DLC
Campaign-One Map (Survival)L4D DLC
Campaign-Whispering OaksL4D2
Campaign-Old CountryL4D2
Campaign-Down SouthL4D2
Campaign-Night ClubL4D2 DLC
Campaign-GeneratorsL4D and L4D2 DLC
Campaign-Custom Made, ForestL4D2 DLC
Game Mode-SingleL4D
Category and HintsAnswersGame
Game Mode-FriendsL4D
Game Mode-DoubleL4D
Game Mode-Turn the TablesL4D
Game Mode-Hold OutL4D
Game Mode-GasL4D2
Game Mode-RealisticL4D2
Game Mode-Weekly TreatL4D2
Health- 80% HealL4D
Health- +50 Temporary BoostL4D
Health- +20 and Faster Temporary BoostL4D2
Health- Brings Them Back AliveL4D2
Weapon-Basic GunL4D
Weapon-Same As First (For Other Hand)L4D
Weapon-Slow Reloading, One Shot KillL4D
Weapon-A Lot of Bullets, Fast ReloadL4D
Weapon-Fast Shooting, One Shot KillL4D
Weapon-Scope, For Shooting AnimalsL4D
Weapon-Fast Shooting, Holds 420 AmmoL4D
Weapon-Mounted, Unlimited Ammo L4D
Weapon-Slow Reloading, One Shot KillL4D2
Weapon-A Lot of Bullets, QuietL4D2
Weapon-Powerful, 8 BulletsL4D2
Weapon-Also Powerful, BasicL4D2
Weapon-2nd Pistol, BasicL4D2
Weapon-Quick, Wood, Very SmoothL4D2
Weapon-For Battle,'Combat'L4D2
Weapon-Very Powerful, One Shot KillL4D2
Weapon-Explosive, Little Ammo, HugeL4D2
Weapon-Better Scope, One Shot KillL4D2
Weapon-Mounted, Unlimited AmmoL4D2
Weapon-Can't Reload, Rare, DLC OnlyL4D2 DLC
Melee Weapon-Chop, Knife, SharpL4D2
Melee Weapon-For Cutting TreesL4D2
Melee Weapon-Half-Life 2 NodL4D2
Melee Weapon-Samurai,Quick and EasyL4D2
Melee Weapon-Kitchen, MetalL4D2
Melee Weapon-Old Sport,WoodenL4D2
Melee Weapon-Musical,Rockin'L4D2
Melee Weapon-The Law, Rare, RiotL4D2
Melee Weapon-Runs for Limited TimeL4D2
Melee Weapon-Sport, Wood, PreorderL4D2 DLC
Melee Weapon-Sport, Metal, DLC OnlyL4D2 DLC
Melee Weapon-Sports, Suicide Blitz 2L4D2 Custom
Melee Weapon-DeathCraft, Minecraft WeaponL4D2 Custom
Counterstrike Weapon-SMG IdenticalL4D2 German Version
Counterstrike Weapon-Assault Rifle w/ScopeL4D2 German Version
Counterstrike Weapon-Hunting Rifle IdenticalL4D2 German Version
Counterstrike Weapon-Powerful Hunting RifleL4D2 German Version
Counterstrike Weapon-Katana SimilaritiesL4D2 German Version
Projectile-Zombies Chase It, TechnicalL4D
Projectile-Fire, BottleL4D
Projectile-CEDA, Attracts Horde, GreenL4D2
Upgrade-Accuracy IncreasesL4D2
Upgrade-Blowing Up, More PowerL4D2
Upgrade-Fire, BurningL4D2
Unused Upgrade-Removed,AmmoL4D2 Cut
Category and HintsAnswersGame
Pickup Item-Fire, CommonL4D
Pickup Item-Explosion, CommonL4D
Pickup Item-Explosion, More RareL4D
Pickup Item-Sparkles, Concert Level OnlyL4D2
Bonus Pickup-Soda, For Whitaker, StoreL4D2
Bonus Pickup-Friend, Carnival GameL4D2
Bonus Pickup-Scavenge Mode, GeneratorsL4D2
Usable Item-Can't Pickup, The Sacrifice L4D and L4D2 DLC
Difficulty-Wimpy, InexperiencedL4D
Difficulty-Regular, Preferable, RelaxedL4D
Difficulty-Harder, ExperiencedL4D
Difficulty-Bad-Ass, Epic, Hardest L4D
Chapter C1:L1-Beginning,CityL4D
Chapter C1:L2-Trains,Generator,DeadL4D
Chapter C1:L3-Underground, LiftL4D
Chapter C1:L4-Mercy, ElevatorL4D
Chapter C1:L5-Helicopter, Radio, Top FloorL4D
Chapter C2:L1-Blocked, Broken BridgeL4D
Chapter C2:L2-Wall, PipesL4D
Chapter C2:L3-Graveyard, Small TrainsL4D
Chapter C2:L4-Forklift, CarsL4D
Chapter C2:L5-Boat, Ocean, Mounted GunL4D
Chapter C3:L1-Crashed Plane, New CityL4D
Chapter C3:L2-Crescendo, ConstructionL4D
Chapter C3:L3-Gas Can Wall, Parking LotL4D
Chapter C3:L4-Van, Luggage,DetectorL4D
Chapter C3:L5-Gas Pump, Plane,CrashingL4D
Chapter C4:L1-Misty, Trees, HillL4D
Chapter C4:L2-Narrow,Emergency Door,L4D
Chapter C4:L3-Follow the Tracks,BreakL4D
Chapter C4:L4-Tall Houses,BridgeL4D
Chapter C4:L5-Cornfield,Army Tank,HouseL4D
Chapter C5:L1-Crashed, Angels of DeathL4D DLC
Chapter C5:L2-Truck, Generator,ShortL4D DLC
Chapter C6:L1-Survival, Non-Story,DeathL4D DLC
Chapter C1:L1-No Evac,Floors,On Fire L4D2
Chapter C1:L2-Gun Store,Cola,DesertedL4D2
Chapter C1:L3-Alarm,Escalators,PathsL4D2
Chapter C1:L4-Gas,Stock Car,Goat,GibbsL4D2
Chapter C2:L1-Motel, Hill, Car PileL4D2
Chapter C2:L2-Park,Kiddyland,MoustachioL4D2
Chapter C2:L3-Tunnel, Screaming OakL4D2
Chapter C2:L4- Gate,Cows,HelicopterL4D2
Chapter C2:L5-Midnight Riders, FireworksL4D2
Chapter C3:L1-Ferry, Gators, LambdaL4D2
Chapter C3:L2-Crashed Airliner, MudmenL4D2
Chapter C3:L3-Shacks,Small Bridge,TownL4D2
Chapter C3:L4-Virgil,Boat,Big HouseL4D2
Chapter C4:L1-Ducatel, No Gas, RainL4D2
Chapter C4:L2-Witch!,Sugar Fields, LiftL4D2
Chapter C4:L3-Night, Reverse, StormsL4D2
Chapter C4:L4- Floods, Reverse,HousesL4D2
Chapter C4:L5-Burger Tank,Sign,GasL4D2
Chapter C5:L1-Jukebox,South,BombingL4D2
Chapter C5:L2-Hedges,Trailer,Alarm,RiotL4D2
Chapter C5:L3-Graves,Car Alarms,BombsL4D2
Category and HintsAnswersGame
Chapter C5:L4-Float,Buildings,More BombL4D2
Chapter C5:L5-Big Bridge,Explosion,EvacL4D2
Chapter C6:L1-Survivors,Club,WeddingL4D2 DLC
Chapter C6:L2-Sewer,Alarm,Frank WestL4D2 DLC
Chapter C6:L3-Bill Dead,Gas,Bridge LowerL4D2 DLC
Chapter C7:L1-CEDA,Tank,TrainsL4D and L4D2 DLC
Chapter C7:L2-Ship,Large Pile,TowerL4D and L4D2 DLC
Chapter C7:L3-Generators, Tanks, DeathL4D and L4D2 DLC
Chapter C8:L1-Woods,Rope Bridge,StreamL4D2 DLC
Chapter C8:L2-Water, Mudmen, CarsL4D2 DLC
Chapter C8:L3-Big Bridge,Explosion,AlarmL4D2 DLC
Chapter C8:L4-Waterfall,Helicopter,TowerL4D2 DLC
Jukebox Song: Midnight Riders, ConcertL4D2
Jukebox Song: Midnight Riders, ConcertL4D2
Jukebox Song: Country, Jazz, TrumpetL4D2
Jukebox Song: Jonathan Coulton, ZombieL4D2
Jukebox Song: Midnight Riders, PassingL4D2 DLC
Jukebox Song: Midnight Riders, SeasonalL4D2 DLC
Jukebox Song: Portal, Rarest Song, CoolL4D2
Mutations: Permanent, 'Real' FriendsL4D2
Mutations: Health DrainingL4D2
Mutations: One Group of Gas CansL4D2
Mutations: Protect Gnome ChompskiL4D2
Mutations: Only Person LeftL4D2
Mutations: Chainsaws Only,Unlimited GasL4D2
Mutations: Only One Can Fit in the VehicleL4D2
Mutations: Only Headshots CountL4D2
Mutations: Hold Out Against FriendsL4D2
Mutations: Only KatanasL4D2
Mutations: Double Special Infected SpawnL4D2
Mutations: No Health of Any Kind, Bitch!L4D2
Mutations: M60s and Pistol OnlyL4D2
Mutations: No Respawns or RestartsL4D2
Mutations: Only Tanks SpawnsL4D2
Mutations: Only HuntersL4D2
Mutations: Only You and Magnum L4D2
Mutations: Health Draining With FriendsL4D2
Mutations: Only Gnome to Heal YouL4D2
Mutations: Hard Eight With No TimerL4D2
Mutations: Only Boomer and SpittersL4D2
Mutations: Only JockeysL4D2
Mutations: No Glows, Harder To SeeL4D2
Mutations: No Incaps, No First Aid KitsL4D2
Mutations: Pills & Adrenaline OnlyL4D2
Status: +100-40L4D
Status: +39-20L4D
Status: +19-0L4D
Status: On the GroundL4D
Status: Not MovingL4D
Status: TrappedL4D
Miscellaneous: Carnival Buddy L4D2
Miscellaneous: Carnival EnemyL4D2
Miscellaneous: Controls Left 4 DeadL4D and Left 4 Dead 2

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