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Stock Broker, Intelligence analyst, President of the United States, History Professor
Commanding Officer of the Red October
Rainbow 6
Irish terrorist
Colombian Drug Cartel Leader
Director of Central Intelligence
Head of SIS
Chief of Station, Moscow
Colonel Mikhail Semyonovich Filitov
Army Ranger accused of murder
Twin in the FBI
Deputy Director of Operations
FBI Director
Partook in Operation Reciprocity
Eye Surgeon
F-14 Tomcat Pilot
John Clark
Afghan Warlord
American President that resigned
Ryan's 'friend' in GRU
His death caused the war between Russia and China
Reformist Politburo member
Mastermind of Operation Beatrix
Terrorist Leader
Twin in the Marines
Jack's father-in-law
The Red Rabbit
Head of the ULA
Jack Jr.'s Godparents
Jack Jr.'s Godparents
Deputy Director Intelligence
Almost died in a car accident
Former Cuban Intelligence Agent
Chairman of KGB who defected
Jack Ryan's father
Commanding Officer-USS Dallas
Head of Hendley Associates
Corrupt political official
Dictator of the UIR
Recommended Jack to CIA
Deceased helicopter crew chief
East German physicist

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