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Molten lead (II) bromide is electrolysed. What is formed at the cathode?
When potassium dichromate (VII) acts as an oxidising agent, it is reduced to chromium (III). What colour is chromium (III)?
What is the oxidation state of sulfur in ZnSO4?
When water was electrolysed, 20cm3 of oxygen was evolved. What volume of hydrogen was evolved?
When dilute aqueous sodium chloride is electrolysed, what is evolved at the anode?
A coin is to be electroplated with platinum. At which electrode should the coin be placed?
A simple cell is formed using copper and iron in aqueous sodium chloride. Name a metal which could replace iron to form a more powerful cell.
Name a metal that could be extracted via electrolysis.
___________ occurs at the anode during electrolysis.
When a substance is oxidised, it loses _________.

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