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Can you name the New Deal 'Alphabet Soup' Agencies based on their description?

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Forced Order
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Paid farmers not to overproduce
Hired young men to build projects related to conservation of natural resources
First major work program of the New Deal that employed 4 million during winter of 1933-34
Insured bank deposits to inspire confidence in savings
Insures mortgages and regulates terms and interest rates
Became most well known for photographs of rural poverty
Authorized President to regulate industry; ruled unconstitutional in 1935
Created by the Wagner Act to enforce labor laws
Funded over $6 billion of large-scale public works projects
Regulates fair trade of stocks and bonds
Created to provide benefits to those who are retired or can't work
Built dams on the Tennessee River and tributaries to provide power to the region
Hired unskilled workers to build public projects such as parks, bridges, sewers and municipal buildings

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