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1) Old West ActionFilm legend who turns 80 in May 2010. Retired from acting in 2008, and is still directing.
2) Events Beg PliersDirector of some of the most popular films of all time. Close friend of 12.
3) Normal Barn DoWidely hailed as the greatest actor of all time.
4) Rice Ant ClopMusician with the nickname Slowhand.
5) Bald BonyLegendary musician. Outraged the folk world when he went electric in 1965.
6) Moat WistCult musician. Was in 14's final film.
7) Add RivalryCo creator, along with 8, of popular comedy series.
8) Friendly JeersCo creator, along with 7, of popular comedy series.
9) Cake HangmenWon an oscar in film directed by 1. Retired from acting in 2004.
10) Crablike Sky NutLegendary film director, who died in 1999, shortly before the release of his final film. Close friend of 2.
11) Cola PainStarred along with 3, in film often called one of the greatest of all time.
12) Carousel EggCreator of popular sci-fi film series.
13) Pestle MerryMost oscar-nominated actress of all time.
14) The Hared LegDied during the making of his final film.
15) Waled LoonyProlific comedy writer and director.
16) A Find HorrorsPlayed two of film's most iconic characters in films made by 2 and 12.
17) Whoa JennyActor whose name is synonymous with westerns.

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