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What is his real name?
What state was he born in?
What city was he born in?
What is the name of his first wife(first name only)?
In what year was he inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
Which of his songs won the 2000 Academy Award for Best Original Song?
Which of his songs was named the greatest of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine?
What is his highest placing album on Rolling Stone Magazine's greatest albums of all time?
In what year did he receive the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award?
For which film did he write the soundtrack, which included his classic song, Knockin' on heaven's door?
What is the name of the documentary about him, directed by Martin Scorsese?
Which song was his first top 40 single?
In what year did he 'go electric' at the newport folk festival?
What was his first album to win the Album of The Year grammy award?
Which classic song, appearing on the Blonde on Blonde album, did he write for his first wife?
In which country was he refused permission to play in 2010?
What is the name of his radio show?
What is the only Bob Dylan song to make it into the top 10 twice(although both times it was a cover version)?
Under which pseudonym has he produced some of his albums, including Modern Times?
What is the name of his son, lead singer and songwriter of the band The Wallflowers?

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