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What is the name for the layer of gasses that directly surround the earth that are retained by earth’s gravity?Atmosphere
What kind of rock is transformed because of extended exposure to heat and pressure?Metamorphic Rock
What is the name for the movement of continents to where they are situated today?Continental Drift
What kind of rock is formed by the cooling magma?Igneous Rock
About 175 million years ago, what was the name for the single giant landmass that was made up of all of the continents of the world?Pangaea
What kind of rock is formed by the settling of organic and mineral materials at the bottom of bodies of water?Sedimentary Rock
What collides to cause mountain ranges to form?Crustal Plates
Which kind of rock show folding very clearly?Sedimentary Rock
What is the name for the theory of the changing of positions and movement of huge masses of land?Continental Drift
What is the name for the explanation of how the three rock types are related to one another?Rock Cycle
What is the name for the range of rock types and the transitions from one state of rock to another?Rock Cycle
Who developed the theory of continental drift?Alfred Wegener
Definition Term % Correct
What is the name for the semi-rigid plates that cover the earth’s surface?Crustal Plates
What is the name for he outermost rocky shell of the earth?Lithosphere
What is the name for the layer of gasses that is located between 50 km and 85 km above the earth’s surface?Mesosphere
What do we call it when plates separate under the ocean, and get filled with magma?Seafloor Spreading
What do you call the cyclical movement of magma that happens as a result of heating from near the core of the earth, then cooling near the surface?Convection Current
What is the name for the core layer of the earth?Centrosphere
What type of rock deformation happens when two plates collide with an each other?Folding
What is the name for an underwater chain of volcanoes that create new seafloor?Ridge
What is the name for the movement of magma and liquid under the mantleConvection Current
What is the name for the cracks that are created in the earth’s crust?Seafloor Spreading
What is the name of the theory that deals with the movement of plates?Tectonic Theory
When we look at rocks that have layers, such as sedimentary rocks, what is it that we can see that is the result of pressure and heat that changes the rock’s form?Folding
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