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Started to sing for a girl in the 80s as a backup singer for her. What is her name?
Met the guy who works for Sony, later to marry him on and divorced him. What is his name?
Besides Sony, this other company wanted her to sing for there company instead of Sony. Who was that company?
Sibling to Mariah and older, had helped her in which her career to get started by. What is his name?
Mother and father named her after what song?
Which song song had been the only R&B song to chart ?. . . in Australia?
Over what million of sales were bought from The Remixes album?
Which one of the Mariah albums had sold more then Rihanna's first four albums?
Which Michael Jackson ft. Mariah Carey song did not make it to her album Charmbracelet?
Mariah Carey did an ABC Christmas Special in The Orpheum Theatre in 2010. Exactly, which song was also shot in that same theatre?
Which COUNTRY had Mariah Carey to record nearly the entire Rainbow album?
Along with being number one on the R&B/Hip Hop Music Charts, which other two singers also were the same level on those charts?
Which city held the fast amount of selling tickets in the Daydream tour?
Rainbow was recorded in how many weeks?
What decade had Mariah to place #1 every year?
What song featuring OBD was the first time a Hip Hop/Pop collaboration?
Mariah Carey had won her school talent show with sing a song that she later dueted with Olivia Newton John in her Butterfly tour, what song was that?
Which piano does Mariah Carey own from another artist?
Which artist was to feature in Mariah's Charmbracelet album, however the artist record label refused to do it since her poor sales in Glitter?
Which record label was Mariah's third record label to join?
This song was the first song to be the first debut at #1 for any female woman, what was that song?
Which album was the most challenging album Mariah Carey had to do?
Which two albums were the only ones to have NOT featured and other artist but her?
When Mariah Carey was signed to Virgin Records, how much was the money they granted for her? It was the largest industry record to give that money before Janet Jackson,
How many hours did Mariah take in Beauty School?
This artist was suppose to sing with Mariah Carey in After Tonight, who was he?
Which single from the album Emotions was to feature the lead single BESIDES Emotions?
What song from the Daydream album is Mariah Carey's Faviourte and still is her Faviourte?
Which album is exactly the same dress she worn in Merry Christmas (1994 album)?
What song with Babyface did she sung backup in?
What age did Mariah had her sing debut?
When Mariah Carey had her emotional breakdown and physical (for no treating rest properly), what hospital was she put in? Not the state or city.
What was one of the things Mariah had to stop being for Tommy Mottola?

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