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Known as one of the world's greatest frontmen, his death of AIDS shook the world1991
Died due to a bus toppling onto him, his successor was Jason Newsted1986
Died of a probable drug overdose, his band mates include John Densmore and Ray Manzarek1971
The King Of Rock N' Roll. Not much more needs to be said1977
Committed suicide, this grunge icon is former lover of Courtney Love1994
Known for his influence on neo-classical metal, this former Ozzy guitarist died in a plane crash1982
Perhaps one of the world's most famous drummers, his death was by overdose. He also had dinner with Paul McCartney the night he died1978
Comparable in many ways to the previous person, this drummer died of alcohol abuse after drinking 40 shots of vodka1980
Shot on stage with the band Damageplan by Nathan Gale, known for his tight, groove metal guitar riffs2004
Assassinated by Mark David Chapman, his influence on music is incomparable. 1980
The album Back In Black is a tribute to him, for his unfortunate alcohol related death meant he could not be a part of it1980
Died from lung cancer, his guitar has been known to gently weep2001
Best known as the bassist and vocalist from Blue Cheer2009
Appeared in The Pick Of Destiny, this former Rainbow singer died from stomach cancer2010
Despite claiming to drive 90 mph and having 'kissed the sky', this iconic lead guitarist died from drug abuse1970
This Irish bassist/vocalist died of pneumonia and heart failure.1986
Died due to hanging himself, his remaining band mates formed New Order1980
Known to 'Get It On', nicknamed the Electric Warrior, and died of a car accident.1977
Died of an overdose, he had a career in the metal band Slipknot2010
Died in the same plane crash as Richie Valens and The Big Bopper, know for his Fender Strat and distinctive glasses1959
A remix of one of his most famous song is used on the British TV show Top Gear, this guitarist died in a motorcycle accident1971
Could be said to have lived his life 'in excess', this singer's supposed death is from suicide1997
Died the exact same day as the first person on this quiz, meaning his tragic death is usually overlooked. Former member of the band KISS1991
His death was due to a type of malignant melanoma, born in Jamaica his birth name was 'Nesta'1981
Death by drunk driving, he has played with Whitesnake, Jeff Beck, Brian May1998
Most known for his work with David Bowie, he died of liver cancer1993
Perhaps one of the most experimental musicians of the 20th century, this person has children called Dweezil and Diva Thin Muffin Pigeen1993
One of the most famous dancers, performers, and singers in history2009
This funk legend died on Christmas Day. It is said his father's bag was always the newest2006
This grunge singer died from drug addiction, and his parents started a non-profit organization to help addicts in Seattle because of that2002

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