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vibrations that travel through Earth carrying the energy released during an earthquake
the movement of a fluid, caused by differences in temperature, that transfers heat from one part of the fluid to another
the transfer of heat by movement of a fluid
the layer of rock that forms Earth's outer surface
a dense sphere of solid iron and nickel at the center of the Earth
the layer of molten iron and nickel that surrounds the inner core of the Earth
the amount of mass in a given space, mass per unit volume D= M/V
the soft layer of the mantle on which the lithosphere floats
the transfer of energy through space
a dark, dense, igneous rock with a fine texture, found in oceanic crust
the layer of hot, solid material between Earth's crust and core
the transfer of heat within a material or between materials that are touching
the forced exerted on a surface divided by the area over which the force is exerted
a usually light-colored igneous rock that is found in continental crust
the rigid layer made up of the uppermost part of the mantle and crust

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