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Can you name the museums in Philadelphia that fit the given description?

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Dubbed 'The Parthenon on the Parkway,' this museum is most famous for its role in the 1976 boxing film Rocky
This ever-popular science museum, contains the national memorial to its namesake Founding Father, who was also an inventor.
In a highly controversial move, this art collection, with over 180 works by Renoir, was moved to the Parkway from its original location in Merion, PA.
Moved to its present location on Independence Mall in 2010, this museum was once part of the historical collection of Mikvah Israel synogogue
Opened in 2003, this museum is designed to educate people about its namesake document, written in 1787.
Sharing its name (albeit with a language difference) with a museum in Paris, The Thinker stands front and center on the Parkway.
On the banks of the Delaware River, this museum is where the U.S.S Olympia, the only surviving Spanish American War vessel, is docked.
The oldest natural history museum in the U.S, this museum was purchased by Drexel University in 2011.
Located on Philadelphia's most prestigious college campus, this museum has the largest unsupported masonry dome in America.
A picture of Nelson Mandela hangs in the window of this museum, celebrating one of the ideals of America's founding one block away.
The first of its kind, this museum is dedicated to the history of this ethnic group; Philadelphia has over 650,000.
The oldest art museum in America, Thomas Eakins taught at the school attached to this museum.
This infamous museum of medical oddities is in the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, and named for its primary collector.
Located on a small, pleasant street in Rittenhouse, this literary museum has the original copy of James Joyce's Ulysses. Bloomsday is celebrated here annually.
Located in Camden, New Jersey, this is the largest battleship ever constructed.

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