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Can you name the famous people who, at any point, lived in or near Philadelphia?

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Arist and filmmaker, known for his bizarre and surreal films, as well as the TV show Twin Peaks (1946-)
Singer and Harlem Renaissance figure, known for her voice, which she used similarly to musicians using their instruments. (1915-1959)
Singer, best known for popularizing the Twist as a dance style (1941-)
Actress, known for her roles in 'Rear Window' and 'To Catch a Thief,' later became Princess of Monaco (1929-1982)
Founding Father, kite flyer, writer, printer, inventor, politician, diplomat, statesman, scientist, postmaster (1706-1790)
Singer and songwriter in several genres, including Gospel, Soul, and R&B, lead singer in a group that shared her name (1944-)
Actor and comedian, best known for his stand up acts and his role in 'The Secret Life of Pets' (1979-)
4th First Lady of the United States, famously saved the portrait of George Washington during the War of 1812 (1768-1849)
Sociologist, dubbed the 'Father of Modern Linguistics' and known for his far-left ideology (1928-)
Actor, best known for the TV show 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' and movies 'Men in Black' and 'Independence Day' (1968-)
Singer and civil rights activist, known for her 1939 concert at the Lincoln Memorial (1897-1993)
NBA player for the Los Angeles Lakers, scored over 33,000 points (1978-)
Writer and poet, considered the inventor of detective fiction, best known for 'The Raven' and 'The Tell-Tale Heart' (1809-1849)
Businessman, founder of the Philadelphia Flyers, and chariman of Comcast Spectator (1933-2016)
Composer, best known for his 'Adagio for Strings' and its choral variation 'Agnus Dei' (1910-1981)*
Artist, the son of illustrator N.C and painter of 'Christina's World' (1917-2009)*
Comedian and actress, famous for her role on '30 Rock' and multiple appearances on 'SNL' (1970-)*
Poet, best known for his book 'Leaves of Grass.' A bridge in Philadelphia is named for him. (1819-1892)*
Pop and rock singer and musician, best known for her album 'Can't Take me Home.' (1979-)*
Best selling R&B group of all time, best known for 'I'll Make Love to You' and 'One Sweet Day' (Active since 1988)
Quaker founder of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, his statue stands on top of City Hall (1644-1718)
NBA player for the Warriors, 76ers, and Lakers, the only player to score 100 points in one game (1936-1999)
Musician, considered one of (if not the) best saxophonists and jazz composers of all time (1926-1968)
Film director, best known for 'The Sixth Sense' and 'Unbreakable,' both of which are set in Philadelphia (1970-)
Actor, best known for 'Footloose' and 'A Few Good Men'; everyone is 6 degrees from him (1958-)
Tenor and actor, known for movies like 'The Great Caruso' and songs such as 'Be My Love' (1921-1959)
Author, best known for writing 'Little Women,' the events of which were based on her childhood. (1832-1888)
Seamstress credited with designing and creating the first American flag (1752-1836)
Boxer, won Olympic gold metals and was the only person to beat Muhammad Ali twice (1944-2011)
Hip-Hop group, its members include Questlove and Black Thought (Active since 1987)
Artist, the foremost American realist, best known for 'The Gross Clinic' (1844-1916)
Actor and comedian, best known as the host of 'America's Funniest Home Videos' and his role in 'Full House' (1956-)
Current Prime Minister of Israel, only Israeli PM to elected three times (1949-)*
Merchant, businessman and politician, known for his namesake department store, home of the world's 2nd largest pipe organ (1838-1922)
Comedian, and silent film actor, known his his alcoholic stage persona (1880-1946)*
Founder of Mother's Day as a holiday in the United States (1864-1948)
Actor, best known for playing Chris Kyle in 'American Sniper' and Rocket in 'Guardians of the Galaxy' (1975-)
Musical duo, reached Billboard's #1 spot 6 times, with hits like 'I can't go for that' and 'Maneater' (Active since 1970)
U.S Attorney General during World War II and judge at the Nuremberg Trials (1886-1968)
Art collector and philanthropist, best known for his namesake museum in New York, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright (1861-1949)

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