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QuestionAnswerFun Fact
Current Mayor
Population Rank (2010 Census)
State bordered
This document was signed here on July 4, 1776
...Which was signed in this landmark building
...As was this document, signed in 1787
Historic icon of Philadelphia and symbol of democracy, moved to its own building in 2003
The first American flag is said to have been sewn by this Philadelphia resident
Famous statesman, inventor, writer, diplomat, and scientist who lived in Philadelphia for most of his life
This church was the parish of many of the Founding Fathers
Major River
Major River
Ivy League College
Public Transportation Authority
Main Train Station
Major north-south thoroughfare that centers at City Hall
Tallest Building
Famous cheesy dish
Famous fictional boxer
...Who famously ran up the 77 steps of this building
MLB Team
NFL Team
NBA Team
NHL Team
Professional Stadiums (Name 1)
Renowned collection of Impressionist Art
This infamous prison was briefly home to Al Capone
This department store is home to the world's largest fully-functioning pipe organ

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