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Forced Order
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Who was the first president?
Who was the second president?
Who was the third president?
Who was the fourth president?
Who was Washington's Secretary of State
What were the original political parties?
Who was Thomas Jefferson's first vice president?
Who was the nation's first chief justice of the supreme court?
Who was the president during the XYZ affair?
Who was the chief justice residing over Marbury v. Madison?
Who was Jefferson's Secretary of State?
Who was Washington's Secretary of the Treasury?
Who was the president during the War of 1812?
Which president appointed the midnight judges?
Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner?
Was Hamilton a strict or loose constructionist?
Who was Washington's Secretary of War?
What state entered the union along with Missouri?
Who was the hero of the Battle of New Orleans?
Who led the American forces at the Battle of the Thames during the War of 1812?
What do we call the federal bureaucracy which advises the nation's chief executive?
What did Washington issue in response to the French Revolution?
What act, passed under Adams, prohibited publishers from printing anything construed to be negative toward the government?
What two Republicans authored the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions?
When the electoral college revealed a tie between Jefferson and Burr in the election of 1800, what body ultimately decided the presidency?
What treaty ended the War of 1812?
To avoid war, Jefferson secured from Congress the ______________________ which forbade American ships from sailing to foreign ports and prohibited American exports.
British attempts to invade the U.S. from Canada were thwarted when British naval squadrons were defeated by what American on Lake Erie?
Jefferson sent this duo out to explore the Louisiana Territory.
Who was the fifth president?
In 1814, Federalists held the ____________________ advocating states' rights adn nullification. The delegates discussed secession and establishing a separate nation in New England.
Who won the presidential election of 1796?
The _______________ Act increased from five to fourteen years the time required for immigrants to become American citizens.
Farmers in western PA refused to pay an excise tax and in 1794 put up armed resistance against federal tax collectors. The incident came to be known as this.
Term which refers to the practice of forcibly enlisting U.S. sailors into the British navy.

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