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Can you name the Ancient Greek Politics?

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Rule by few
Rule by many
In what region is Sparta?
What harbor lies 25 miles south of Sparta?
Leader of Athens whose laws were severely strict and punishments were excessively harsh
Greek term for general
To what does the Greek term phylai translate?
Tyrant of Corinth and father of Periander
Most famed Spartan poet
Those who lived round about
Spartan training
Mythical inventor of Athens
Reformed Sparta and insured the supremacy of law
Here is your hintANSWER
This Athenian tyrant allied with the Spartans
Spartan word for 'capture'
Greek term for the unification of villages
Spartan overseers who exercised judicial powers
How old must a man be to serve on the gerousia?
Name the family that Cypselus overthrew in Corinth
Cleisthenes divided Athens into thirds called
His reforms establised social classes and upward mobility in Athens
This held the judicial authority in Athens
The Spartans fought two wars with the ...
In what region is Athens?
Name for Solon's council of four hundred

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