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Can you name the Indo-Europeans to Mycenaeans?

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Author of your textClassics Professor at Holy Cross
Greeks owe a cultural debt in sculpture to the ...Can you name other cultural debts?
Use of the ______________ by Greeks marked an evolution in military strategyThink of the site at Dendra
The Indo-Europeans provided an ancestral ...Think Latin, Greek, Sanskrit, etc.
The ________________ allowed for far-flung, sea-faring tradeSounds as it is named
The end of the Mycenaeans brought about the dawn of a ...No light
The Minoans created bright and innovative ________________ which most often displayed a maritime them.Plaster and paint
Minoans and Mycenaeans functioned under the ____________________ economic systemThings go in and things go out
The Minoans recorded things on clay tablets using ___________________ script.Not heiroglyphs
The bee-hive shaped burial mounds were called the ...I got nothing
19th Century archaeologist who excavated the site at 'Troy'Good luck with the spelling
The concept of growing multiple different crops in the same fieldsI got nothing
Large ceremonial throne room in the center of the Mycenaean citadelThink Transformers
Lead excavator of the palace society at KnossusI got nothing
What two things made the Greeks Greek?At least that is your author's argument

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