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Can you name the facts about the referendum on Scottish Independence to be held in 2014?

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The Referendum
Date held on 
Minimum voting age 
Size of electorate (to nearest million) 
The Key People
Scottish First Minister, in favour 
UK Prime Minister, opposed 
Deputy Scottish First Minister, in favour 
UK Deputy Prime Minister, opposed 
Former Chancellor, a director of 'Better Together' 
Former UK PM, Scotsman and leading opponent 
The Scottish Parliament
Located in this area of Edinburgh 
Last election held in this year 
Largest party, first ever to achieve a majority, in favour 
Second largest party, traditionally strongest in Scotland, opposed 
Third largest party, traditionally weak in Scotland, opposed 
The Westminster Parliament
Last election held in this year 
Largest party, opposed 
Third largest party, in coalition government with the largest, opposed 
Second largest party, opposed 
Number of seats held by the key party in favour 
James Bond actor 
Folk rock band, identical twins who would walk 1000 miles 
Author and playwright, writer of Trainspotting 
UK Independence Party leader, now 3rd in UK polls 
Football manager, longest serving manager of 'The Red Devils' 
Talent show figure, has a reputation for saying 'No' 
Arguments In Favour
No more being governed by this party, who last won the most Scottish seats in 1955 
The removal of this nuclear weapon programme from Scottish soil 
A reversal of many of the recent welfare reforms, including this 'tax' 
Arguments Against
No guarantee of keeping this currency 
Potential problems in remaining a member of this political union without adopting its currency 
The economy could be dependent on oil reservoirs in this sea 

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