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Can you name the facts about Donna Noble and her stories?

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ActressDoomsday, etc.
Traveled with the Doctor Played by this ActorDoomsday, etc.
Lived in this Area of LondonThe Runaway Bride, etc.
Was Walking Down the Aisle to Marry this Man when she was Teleported into the TARDISThe Runaway Bride
He had been Dosing Donna with these Dangerous ParticlesThe Runaway Bride
He had been Working for this AlienThe Runaway Bride
Finally Met the Doctor Again While Investigating this CompanyPartners in Crime
Name of Grandfather, who she Waved Goodbye to from the TARDIS Before Going off to Travel with the DoctorPartners in Crime (First Appeared in Voyage of the Damned), etc.
Visited this Ancient City???
Encountered these Aliens there???
Saved the Oods' Hive Mind, that was Kept in this Building on the Ood SpherePlanet of the Ood
Met this Former Companion of the Doctor, who was Now Working for UNITThe Sontaran Stratagem, etc.
Also Met this Teenage 'Genius', who was Cooperating with the SontaransThe Sontaran Stratagem, etc.
Name of Mother, who Saved her Grandfather from his Car with an AxeThe Poison Sky (First Appeared in the Runaway Bride), etc.
Saw the Doctor's 'Daughter' Get Shot by this GeneralThe Doctor's Daughter
Helped Investigate a Series of Murders Carried Out by a Vespiform Hiding as this VicarThe Unicorn and the Wasp
Killed the Vespiform by Throwing this Item of Jewellery into a LakeThe Unicorn and the Wasp
Befriended this Young Woman, who was Considered Dumb by her Fellow CrewSilence in the Library, etc.
Fell in Love with and Married this Man while in the Library's Hard DriveForest of the Dead
Disturbed the Doctor by Repeating this Catchphrase of his, Shortly After his Encounter on MidnightMidnight
Had her Past Changed by being Made to Take a Job with this Man, Rather than H.C. Clements, and Thus Made to Never Meet the DoctorTurn Left
In this Alternate Timeline, this Companion from the Doctor's Past Stopped the MRI from Irradiating the EarthTurn Left
In this Alternate Timeline, Had to Move to this City After the Destruction of LondonTurn Left
In this Alternate Timeline, this Organisation Defeated the Sontarans, at the Cost of their LivesTurn Left
Prevented the Activation of the Reality Bomb, Devised by this Creator of the DaleksJourney's End
Gave her Grandfather a Book by this Billionaire for ChristmasThe End of Time
Married this ManThe End of Time
Received this Gift from the Doctor (and her Father) on her Wedding DayThe End of Time

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