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Can you name the facts about Martha Jones and her stories?

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ActressSmith and Jones, etc.
Traveled with the Doctor Played by this ActorSmith and Jones, etc.
Worked in this HospitalSmith and Jones
Encountered a Plasmavore Hiding as a Patient Under this AliasSmith and Jones
Gave Shakespeare this Word to Help Defeat a Carrionite InvasionThe Shakespeare Code
Was Kidnapped by Two People so they Could Use this Level of the MotorwayGridlock
Befriended this Actress and Singer in 1930s New YorkDaleks in Manhattan
Discovered this Metal had been Added to the Empire State Building to Attract Gamma RadiationEvolution of the Daleks
Name of Mother, who Became Concerned about Martha's Involvement with the DoctorThe Lazarus Experiment (First Appeared in Smith and Jones), etc.
Name of Sister, who Worked for Both Professor Lazarus and then Harold SaxonThe Lazarus Experiment (First Appeared in Smith and Jones), etc.
Arrived on a Ship which had this Long Before it would Crash into a Sun???
Worked as a Maid in a Boys School Not Long Before the Outbreak of this WarHuman Nature, etc.
Was Keeping an Eye on the Doctor in Human Form, who had Taken this Name and was Working as a TeacherHuman Nature, etc.
Was Stranded in this Year Along with the DoctorBlink
Met this Occasional Companion of the DoctorUtopia (First Appeared in the Empty Child), etc.
Befriended this Alien, who was the Last of her KindUtopia
Name of Father, who Warned her About the Monitoring of her Calls HomeThe Sound of Drums (First Appeared in Smith and Jones), etc.
Name of Brother, who was in Brighton at the Time of Harold Saxon's TakeoverThe Sound of Drums (First Appeared in Smith and Jones), etc.
Met this Professor, who Reported her to the Master in Return for Information About her SonLast of the Time Lords
Was Recruited by this OrganisationThe Sontaran Stratagem, etc.
Was Working Under this Man to Investigate ATMOSThe Sontaran Stratagem, etc.
Befriended a Member of this Race, a Faction of which was at War with a Faction of HumansThe Doctor's Daughter
Threatened the Daleks with the Destruction of the Earth Using this DeviceThe Stolen Earth, etc.
Married this ManThe End of Time

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