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Can you name the 20th Century American politicians who match each clue and whose surnames begin with the given letter?

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ASecretary of State, first woman to hold the position
BSenator from West Virginia, known as the 'King of Pork', raising more than $3 billion over his career
CGovernor of Texas, passenger in the car John F Kennedy was assassinated in
DFive-time Socialist Presidential candidate
EPresident, enforced desegregation of public schools and the first to be limited by the 22nd Amendment
FVice Presidential candidate, first woman to run as such for a major party
GSpeaker of the House, architect of the 'Contract with America'
HVice President, previously instrumental in the 1964 Civil Rights Act and later a Democrat Presidential candidate
IRepresentative and later Senator from Hawaii, first Japanese American to serve in the House of Representatives and also the first to serve in the Senate
JGovernor of California and Vice Presidential candidate for the Progressive (Bull Moose) Party
KSecretary of State, won Nobel Peace Prize for work on Paris Peace Accords
LGovernor of and later Senator from Louisiana, populist who initiated the 'Share Our Wealth' program
MSecretary of State, gave his name to the plan giving financial aid to Europe to rebuild after the Second World War
NPresident, resigned over the Watergate scandal
OSpeaker of the House, only Speaker to have served for 5 full consecutive Congresses
PTwo-time independent and third party Presidential candidate, received 18.9% and 8.4% of the popular vote but 0 Electoral College votes
QVice President, made famous 'potatoe' blunder
RPresident, also holds record for most successful third party candidate, winning 27.4% of the vote and 88 Electoral College votes
STwo-time Democrat Presidential candidate, nominated in 1952 despite not standing in the primaries
TSenator from South Carolina, holds record for longest solo filibuster at 24 hours and 18 minutes, made in opposition to the 1957 Civil Rights Act
UTwice Governor of West Virginia, elected in 1956 and 1996, the youngest and oldest person to have held the office
VSecretary of State, resigned in opposition to Operation Eagle Claw which failed to rescue American hostages in Iran
W1948 Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Governor of California, and Chief Justice of the United States
YMayor of Detroit, first African American to hold the office, and the longest serving holder
ZChief of Naval Operations during the Vietnam War, later unsuccessfully ran for Senator in Virginia

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