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Can you name the 100 most significant figures in history according to a new 'data-driven' ranking?

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1Religious Figure
2French Leader
3Religious Figure
4English Poet and Playwright
5US President
6US President and Founding Father
7German Chancellor
8Greek Philosopher
9King of Macedon
10US President and Founding Father
11English Monarch
12English Naturalist
13English Monarch
14German Philosopher and Economist
15Roman Dictator
16British Monarch
17German Theologian
18Soviet Leader
19German Physicist
20Italian Explorer
21English Physicist
22King of Franks
23US President
24Austrian Composer
25Greek Philosopher
26French Monarch
27German Composer
28US President
29Italian Painter, Architect and Engineer
30Roman Emperor
31Swedish Botanist and Zoologist
32US President
33English Writer
35US Founding Father
36US President
37UK Prime Minister
38Mongol Emperor
39English Monarch
40American Inventor
41English Monarch
42German Philosopher
43US President
44Austrian Neurologist and Psychoanalyst
45US Founding Father
46Indian Figurehead
47US President
48German Composer
49Italian Physicist and Astronomer
50Lord Protector of the Commonwealth
51US President and Founding Father
52Religious Figure
53American Author and Humorist
54American Author and Poet
55Religious Leader
56Scottish Philosopher and Political Economist
57King of Israel
58British Monarch
59German Philosopher
60British Explorer
61US President and Founding Father
62German Composer
63Russian Composer
64French Writer and Philosopher
66US President
67Roman Emperor
68Greek Philosopher
69American Singer
70English Monarch
71US President
72Early Theologian
73Dutch Painter
74Polish Mathematician and Astronomer
75Soviet Leader
76American Military Officer
77Irish Writer and Poet
78English Monarch
79Roman Philosopher and Politician
80Swiss Philosopher
81English Philosopher and Statesman
82US President
83French Monarch
84Holy Roman Emperor
85Legendary King
86Italian Sculptor and Architecht
87Spanish Monarch
88German Writer and Politician
89Religious Figure
90Italian Philosopher and Theologian
92French Philosopher and Mathematician
93Serbian American Inventor and Physicist
94US President
95Folk Heroine
96Italian Poet
97German Chancellor
98US President
99French Theologian
100English Philosopher

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