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Can you name the facts about the Cybermen and their Doctor Who stories?

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Year of First TV AppearanceThe Tenth Planet
Home Planet (Our Universe)The Tenth Planet
Home Planet (Parallel Universe)Rise of the Cybermen, etc.
First Story Sees this Actor's Doctor RegenerateThe Tenth Planet
Tried to Take Control of this Device to Destroy All Life on EarthThe Moonbase
Use these Small Cyborgs for Various Purposes, Including Plague Carriers and Energy ThievesThe Tomb of the Cybermen, etc.
The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria encounter Cyber-Tombs on this PlanetThe Tomb of the Cybermen
Invaded this Space Station, also Known as the WheelThe Wheel in Space
Allied with this Man, the Director of International Electromatics, for an Invasion of EarthThe Invasion
Attempted to Destroy the Remains of this Planet, also Known as the Planet of GoldRevenge of the Cybermen
Crashed a Ship Into the Earth, Killing this Companion of the DoctorEarthshock
A Squadron was Transported by President Borusa to harass the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith HereThe Five Doctors
This Squadron was Largely Destroyed by this Similarly Transported AndroidThe Five Doctors
This Race is All But Wiped Out by the Cybermen, the Natural Inhabitants of the Planet Now Home to the Cyber-TombsAttack of the Cybermen
Attempted to Destroy the Earth by Diverting this Comet to Collide with itAttack of the Cybermen
Sought the Statue of Nemesis, Made of this Living MetalSilver Nemesis
Created in a Parallel Universe by this ManRise of the Cybermen, etc.
Converted this Man into this CybermanAge of Steel
Infiltrated Both Universes' Versions of this OrganisationArmy of Ghosts, etc.
Established a Base in this BuildingArmy of Ghosts, etc.
Fought this Other Alien Race in LondonDoomsday
Formed an Alliance with this Woman in Victorian LondonThe Next Doctor
Constructed this Dreadnought Robot to Conquer Earth WithThe Next Doctor
One Cyberman is Left as a Guard for the Pandorica, Under this LandmarkThe Pandorica Opens
Nearly all of the Twelfth Cyber Fleet is Destroyed by the Doctor to Gather Information on the Location of this AsteroidA Good Man Goes to War
This Department Store in Colchester was Built Over a Small Cyberman BaseClosing Time
A Cyber Planner Trying to Take Over the Doctor's Mind Gives Itself this NameNightmare In Silver
The Name for the Collective Consciousness of All CybermenNightmare In Silver
The Name for What was Once the Greatest Theme Park in the Galaxy, and Later Invaded by CybermenNightmare In Silver
The Nickname Given to a Disembodied Cyberman Head by the Doctor that he Took with him to TrenzaloreThe Time of the Doctor

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