Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor Facts

Can you name the facts about the Eleventh Doctor and his stories?

ActorThe End of Time, etc.
Year of First TV AppearanceThe End of Time
Name of First Full Story???
Prevented this Race from Incinerating the Earth in his First Episode???
First Full Time Companion???, etc.
Met this Future British Monarch More than 1000 Years in the FutureThe Beast Below, etc.
Ended the Torturing of this Giant Animal, Used as Part of the Starship UKThe Beast Below
Arrived In London In this Period of the Second World WarVictory of the Daleks
The Daleks Operated here Under this NameVictory of the Daleks
This Ship Carrying a Weeping Angel Crashed on Alfava MetraxisThe Time of Angels, etc.
This Man Led the Band of Clerics Aiming to Neutralise the Weeping Angel with the Assistance of the DoctorThe Time of Angels, etc.
This Second Full Time Companion JoinedThe Vampires of Venice, etc.
The 'Vampires' Came to Venice from this PlanetThe Vampires of Venice
The Psychic Manifestation of the Doctor's Darker Side took this NameAmy's Choice
A Mining Project Woke an Underground City of this RaceThe Hungry Earth, etc.
Negotiations Between this Race and the Humans were Disrupted by this Individual, Who Wants to Avenge Her Sister AlayaCold Blood
The Doctor Met this Artist, after Noticing a Disturbing Face in One of his Paintings???
Lodged in a Flat Down this Road in ColchesterThe Lodger
Traveled to Britain While it is Under the Control of this EmpireThe Pandorica Opens, etc.
Had to Change the Past and Personality of this Miser, in Order to Save the Lives of those Trapped on a Crashing Space LinerA Christmas Carol
Met this President of the USThe Impossible Astronaut, etc.
Initiated the Revolution Against the Silents with the Help of this Former FBI AgentThe Impossible Astronaut, etc.
Referred to this Man's Foot as his 'Secret Weapon' against the SilentsDay of the Moon
Was Marooned on a Pirate Ship Under the Command of this CaptainThe Curse of the Black Spot
Encountered this Ood in a Bubble UniverseThe Doctor's Wife
This Woman is Used as a Host for the Consciousness of the TARDISThe Doctor's Wife
Nickname Given to Human Duplicates Created from 'the Flesh'The Rebel Flesh, etc.
Met this Leader of a Faction of the Silence, Who Abducted the Child of his CompanionsA Good Man Goes to War, etc.
This Religious Order Allied with the Silence Against the Doctor, Fighting at Demons RunA Good Man Goes to War
Forced at Gunpoint by Melody Pond to Travel to a Certain Point in Time so as to Kill this Man???
Met a Boy Called George Who was in fact a Member of this RaceNight Terrors
Landed on Apalapucia, where there had Been an Outbreak of this DiseaseThe Girl Who Waited
Was Trapped in a Prison Ship, which was Stuck in this FormThe God Complex
The Ship was Home to this CreatureThe God Complex
Visited this Friend as in Colchester as Part of his 'Farewell Tour'Closing Time
Held this Position in an Alternative Timeline to Holy Roman Emperor Winston ChurchillThe Wedding of River Song
Used this Humanoid 'Ship' to Fake his DemiseThe Wedding of River Song
Had an Adventure that can Draw Several Parallels with this CS Lewis Book???
Was Captured by the Daleks and Taken to this Spaceship to Undertake a Mission for themAsylum of the Daleks
Was Sent to Take Down the Asylum's Shields After they were Breached by this Crashed ShipAsylum of the Daleks
Took this Egyptian Queen with him to Investigate an Unidentified Spaceship Heading for EarthDinosaurs on a Spaceship
Left this Trader and Pirate to his Death in his ShipDinosaurs on a Spaceship
Tried to Hand Over but then Save this Alien Doctor, who was Hunted by One of his Experimental CyborgsA Town Called Mercy
Met this Head of Scientific Research at UNIT, and Daughter of His Old Friend the BrigadierThe Power of Three
Found this Apartment Building in Manhattan, being Used by the Weeping Angels as a Battery FarmThe Angels Take Manhattan
Used this Book as a Guide to their Actions and Events in ManhattanThe Angels Take Manhattan
Met Another Version of this Third Companion in Victorian LondonThe Snowmen
Scaled this Building Using an Anti-Gravity MotorbikeThe Bells of Saint John
Outwitted this Woman, Under the Influence of the Great IntelligenceThe Bells of Saint John
Encountered this Sentient, Parasitic Planet ???
This Ice Warrior Nearly Plunged the World Into Nuclear WarCold War
Was Helped by this Psychic to Enter a Pocket UniverseHide
Entered the Pocket Universe to Rescue this WomanHide
The TARDIS is Hauled in from Space as Salvage by these Brothers (Surname) Using a Magno-GrabJourney to the Centre of the TARDIS
This Silurian Led an Investigation After a Victim was Found with an Image of the Doctor Visible in their EyeThe Crimson Horror
Met a Human Emperor Hiding at Hedgewick's World of Wonders Under this AliasNightmare In Silver
Was Forced to Visit his Tomb on this PlanetThe Name of the Doctor
His Secret is Revealed to be a Previous Incarnation, Played by this ActorThe Name of the Doctor, etc.
Discovered a Plan Made by this Race to Invade 21st Century Earth from the 16th Century by Waiting in PaintingsThe Day of the Doctor
Saved this Planet from Destruction, with Help from his Past and Future IncarnationsThe Day of the Doctor
Met a Familiar Looking Individual Identified Only as the Curator, Played by this ActorThe Day of the Doctor
Stopped Travelling to Defend this Town from Invaders for CenturiesThe Time of the Doctor
Allied with Tasha Lem, the Mother Superious of this Religious BodyThe Time of the Doctor
Regenerated into his Next Incarnation, Played by this ActorThe Time of the Doctor

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