Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor Facts

Can you name the facts about the Tenth Doctor and his stories?

Classic Type in answers that appear in a list
ActorThe Parting of the Ways, etc.
Year of First TV AppearanceThe Parting of the Ways
Name of First Full Story???
Caused the Collapse of this Prime Minister's Government???
Incumbent and Continuing CompanionThe Parting of the Ways, etc.
Visited the New New York Hospital, Run By this Order of Catkind NunsNew Earth
Met this 'Human' for the Second Time, who had been Hiding in the Basement of the HospitalNew Earth
Met this British Monarch on their Way to Balmoral CastleTooth and Claw
Was Reunited with this Former Human CompanionSchool Reunion
Investigate Deffrey Vale High School, which had been Infiltrated by these AliensSchool Reunion
Encountered some Clockwork Droids Stalking this French Historical FigureThe Girl in the Fireplace
This Companion, who Joined in School Reunion, Found More for Himself in a Parallel Universe than his Home OneRise of the Cybermen, etc.
Worked with this Underground Organisation to Prevent a Cyberman Takeover of a Parallel EarthRise of the Cybermen, etc.
This Alien was Feeding Itself Off the Signals in Human BrainsThe Idiot's Lantern
First Encountered this Alien Slave Race on a Planet Orbiting a Black HoleThe Impossible Planet, etc.
The Planet had this NameThe Impossible Planet, etc.
Was Searched for by this Secret Organisation, Led for a Time by Victor KennedyLove & Monsters
Carried this Object after its Previous Bearer was Struck by the Isolus Pod and Later CollapsedFear Her
Met this Torchwood Administrator, who, while Making him Comfortable, Effectively Took him PrisonerArmy of Ghosts, etc.
Identified the Presence of 'Void Stuff' by Wearing theseDoomsday
First Met this Future Companion when she Appeared in his TARDISThe Runaway Bride
Defeated the Plans of the Empress of this SpeciesThe Runaway Bride
Was Transported to the Moon in the Royal Hope Hospital by these Aliens???
Took on this Medical Student as his Next Companion???
Prevented a Carrionite Invasion Implemented through the Words in this Lost Shakespeare PlayThe Shakespeare Code
Was Present at the Death of this Friend, whose Last Words were the Warning: 'You Are Not Alone'Gridlock
Visited a Hooverville in this Park in 1930, and Investigated the Disappearances of its Residents???, etc.
Formed a Brief Alliance with the Human-Dalek Hybrid Formed by the Combination of Dalek Sec and this HumanEvolution of the Daleks
Met Professor Lazarus, Played by this Actor and Doctor Who Story WriterThe Lazarus Experiment
Arrived on a Ship Crashing into a Sentient Star and Captained by this Woman42
Went into Hiding as a Human and Schoolteacher in 1913, and Fell in Love with this WomanHuman Nature, etc.
Hid his Time Lord Consciousness in an Object that Resembled this Time Keeping DeviceHuman Nature, etc.
Was Sent Back to 1969 by a Member of this SpeciesBlink
Had to Give Instructions to and Communicate with this Woman in the Present Day through DVD Easter EggsBlink
Encountered the Master who had Used a Chameleon Arch to Hide as this Human at the End of the UniverseUtopia
Was Imprisoned in this Flying Aircraft Carrier for the Year that Never WasThe Sound of Drums, etc.
Was Devastated by the Actions of Humans from the Far Future, who were Given this Name by the Master in their Final FormsThe Sound of Drums, etc.
Saved a Few Survivors after a Spaceship Based Loosely on this Earth Ocean Liner was Hit by MeteorsVoyage of the Damned
Met this Friend and Future Final Companion in a Deserted LondonVoyage of the Damned, etc.
Foiled a Plan to Convert some of the Population into this Race of Living FatPartners in Crime
Saved Caecilius and his Family, Who was Played by this Actor - Who would in turn go on to Play a Future Incarnation of the DoctorThe Fires of Pompeii
Encountered the Slave Race Again, and this CEO of the Company that Enslaved them???
Discovered the Sontarans' Attempt to Convert the Earth's Atmosphere by Installing this Device in as Many Cars as PossibleThe Sontaran Stratagem, etc.
Had a 'Daughter' Artificially Created from his DNA Against his Will, Given this NameThe Doctor's Daughter
Met this Crime Writer in 1920s EnglandThe Unicorn and the Wasp
Was Summoned to the Library by and Consequently First Meets this Woman, who Claims to be an Important Figure from his Personal FutureSilence in the Library, etc.
Finds the Library Infested by these Microscopic CarnivoresSilence in the Library, etc.
The Library was Owned by this Family, a Member of Which was the Only Person from the Expedition to not be KilledSilence in the Library, etc.
Had his Voice Stolen by an Unknown Entity in a Broken Down Shuttle Bus on this Planet???
An Alternate Timeline is Formed Around his Companion, in which the Doctor Died in the Events Shown in this Past EpisodeTurn Left
Visited this Galactic Governmential Organisation Following the Disappearance of EarthThe Stolen Earth
Encountered Davros, Being Kept by the Daleks in the Vault of this Planet-Sized ShipThe Stolen Earth, etc.
Met this Man in Victorian London, who Mistakenly Believed Himself to be a Future Incarnation of the DoctorThe Next Doctor
Had a One Off Adventure with this Minor Member of the Aristocracy and ThiefPlanet of the Dead
Visited the First Human Outpost on Mars, Named After this MusicianThe Waters of Mars
Declared Himself this After Attempting to Change the Events of a Fixed Point in TimeThe Waters of Mars
Had a Relationship with this English MonarchThe Day of the Doctor
Rushed to Earth After Learning of the Master's Resurrection, Despite the Actions of this Woman, the Master's Former Wife, to Try and Prevent itThe End of Time
Foiled the Plan of this Lord President of the Time Lords to Escape the Time War and Initiate the Final SanctionThe End of Time
Regenerated into his Next Incarnation, Played by this ActorThe End of Time

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