The Last 80 Years: US

Can you name the facts about the last 80 years in the US?

2013The marathon in this city is bombed, killing 3 and injuring over 250 others
2012This man breaks the record for winning the most Olympic medals over a career, with 22
2011Osama bin Laden is killed in a military operation in this country
2010President Obama signs this controversial act into law, over which 14 states immediately announce plans to sue the federal government
2009This woman becomes the first Hispanic Justice of the Supreme Court
2008Barack Obama comfortably beats this Republican candidate in the presidential election
2007This woman becomes the first female Speaker of the US House of Representatives
2006The US curling team wins America's first Olympic medal (bronze) in curling, at the Winter Olympics held in this city
2005This hurricane becomes the costliest in US history, and kills 1836 people, mostly in Louisiana
2004This state is the first to recognise same-sex marriages
2003The war in this country begins, beginning with a US-led invasion in March
2002Jimmy Carter becomes the first US President, in or out of office, to visit this country since its 1959 revolution
2001Letters containing spores of this disease are sent to several news media offices and two Democrat Senators, beginning one week after the September 11 attacks
2000This Democrat candidate loses the presidential election to George W. Bush, despite winning a plurality of the popular vote
1999This team wins their 25th World Series Championship
1998President Clinton is impeached following the escalation of a political sex scandal involving him and this woman
1997This woman becomes the first female Secretary of State
1996This city hosts the Summer Olympic Games
1995The 104th Congress, the first to have both Houses controlled by the Republicans since the 1950s, convenes, with this man becoming Speaker of the House
1994This film Wins 7 Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director, at the 66th Academy Awards
1993This team becomes the first to lose 3 consecutive Super Bowls after being defeated by the Dallas Cowboys 52-17
1992This man becomes the most successful third-party presidential Candidate in terms of the popular vote since Theodore Roosevelt in 1912, but receives no Electoral College votes
1991This man becomes the second African American to serve on the Supreme Court
1990This man becomes the youngest ever winner of the US Open Tennis Championships, aged 19
1989The Supreme Court rules that the desecration of a flag is a form of symbolic speech (and is protected by the First Amendment) in this case
1988George H. W. Bush wins the Electoral College by a landslide, beating this Democrat candidate
1987President Reagan nominates this man to the Supreme Court, but is denied confirmation by a Senate Vote, 42-58
1986This space shuttle breaks apart 73 seconds after launch, killing its 7 crew members
1985This critically aclaimed science fiction comedy film is the most successful film of the year
1984President Reagan wins reelection by a landslide, only failing to carry the District of Columbia and this state
1983The US leads the invasion of this island nation, condemned by the United Nations General Assembly as a 'flagrant violation of international law'
1982This best-selling album of all time is released
1981This woman is the first to be appointed to the Supreme Court
1980This man challenges President Carter for the Democratic Party presidential nomination, and manages to carry 11 states and the District of Columbia
1979The SALT II agreement is signed by President Carter and this Soviet Leader, though it is never ratified by the Senate
1978The musical film 'Grease' is released, starring British actress and singer Olivia Newton-John and this New Jersey-born man in the lead roles
1977This King of Rock and Roll dies at home in Memphis
1976Jimmy Carter beats this Republican incumbent in the presidential election, giving him the shortest time in office for a President not to die in office
1975The Thrilla in Manila sees Muhammad Ali defeat this boxer
1974President Nixon resigns after the escalation of this scandal
1973This man becomes Secretary of State, and is also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
1972President Nixon wins reelection by a landslide, defeating this Democrat candidate, who only carries the District of Columbia and Massachusetts
1971This Amendment to the Constitution fixes the voting age at 18
1970This manned mission to the Moon is aborted after an oxygen tank explodes, the crew returning safely to Earth
1969This man is the third to walk on the Moon
1968This third party candidate is, to date, the last to carry a state in a presidential election, carrying 5
1967This man becomes the first African-American Justice of the Supreme Court
1966Walt Disney dies during the production of this animated film
1965This African-American Muslim Minister and activist is assassinated
1964This landmark legislation is signed into law, outlawing various forms of discrimination based on 'race, color, religion, sex or national origin'
1963Lee Harvey Oswald, charged with the assassination of John F. Kennedy, is shot on live television by this man
1962Richard Nixon makes his 'last press conference' after losing the gubernatorial election in this state
1961This invasion is launched in an effort to remove Fidel Castro's revolutionary government
1960Harper Lee releases this critically acclaimed novel
1959The first arms control agreement established during the Cold War is signed by the US, the USSR and others, and deals with this continent
1958This British-American film wins 7 Oscars, including Best Actor (for Alec Guinness) and Best Director (for David Lean)
1957This Senator sets a record for the longest ever filibuster in the Senate, speaking for 24 hours and 18 minutes to attempt to block a Civil Rights bill
1956In a rematch of the 1952 election, President Eisenhower beats this Democrat candidate to easily win reelection
1955This woman famously refuses to give up her seat on a segregated bus, becoming a key symbolic figure in the Civil Rights movement
1954The Supreme Court rules that segregated schools are unconstitutional in this landmark case
1953This rormer Republican Governor and Vice Presidential candidate becomes Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
1952This actor has his reentry permit to the US revoked by the Attorney General, following years of accusations of him being a Communist
1951This man hits a home run to win the National League Pennant for the New York Giants, known as the 'shot heard 'round the world'
1950This comic strip by Charles M. Schulz is first published
1949A treaty signed in Washington D.C. establishes this international military alliance
1948Despite consistently trailing in the polls, President Truman wins reelection against this Republican candidate
1947This man becomes Secretary of State, and his name is given to a plan to provide financial aid to Europe to help it recover from World War II and prevent the spread of Communism
1946This island nation has its independence recognised, with Manuel Roxas as its President
1945This General accepts Japan's surrender on behalf of the Allied Powers
1944General McAuliffe, commanding the US troops defending Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge, gives this one word reply to a German surrender ultimatum
1943Construction on this office building and landmark finished in Arlington County, Virginia
1942This first major Allied offensive against the Empire of Japan begins, centred around an island in the Solomon Islands
1941This program is signed into law, effectively ending US neutrality by providing aid to the UK, USSR, Republic of China and Free France
1940President Roosevelt becomes the first (and only) President to be elected for a third term, beating this Republican candidate
1939This Pulitzer Prize winning John Steinbeck novel is first published
1938Orson Welles' radio adaptation of this novel causes some panic, though the extent of this is debated
1937This female aviator disappears over the central Pacific Ocean
1936This African-American athlete wins four Olympic gold medals at the Berlin Olympics
1935This Louisiana Senator and former Governor is assassinated
1934This bank robber is shot and killed outside Chicago's Biograph Theater
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