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Who was Deaf inventor and manufacturer of TTY?
Who was a well-known deaf pianist?
Who was a deaf woman who helped to start the Girl Scout?
What year did the D.P.N. occur?
How long did the D.P.N. last?
Who was a deaf actress who won Tony award for best actress on the stage?
Who was a first deaf woman to have top government job?
What was the first daytime network program to be closed captioned?
What School for the Deaf hosted the first Youth Leadership Conference?
What was the first school for the deaf to win the state basketball game?
When Closed Captioning was first provided on commercial networks?
Which network refused to provide closed captioning programs in 1980?
Beside the Kansas School for the Deaf, what other school for the deaf did Luther Dummy Taylor coach for?
How old was Laurent Clerc when he lost when he lost his hearing?
Who did Lou Ferringo play in 1983 movie in which he played the main character?
Which fast-food chain was first to broadcast in sign language and open captions?
Who portrayed the deaf character Melissa on TV soap opera “Search for Tomorrow for 25 years?
Who was first deaf person to be honored in AAAD (DEAF) Hall of Fame?
Who was first deaf professional actor-mime to get national attention in the U.S?
What year did the National Theater of the Deaf to produce its original work?
What year did deaf Americans first participate in the World Games for the Deaf?
What Language was “ Sourdes” defined as 'Deaf' in English?
Who invented the baseball umpire’s hand count?
Who invented the football huddle to make play calls?
When Gallaudet University was first opened?

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