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He was the vice president of RIT/Director of the National Institute for the Deaf in the 1980s.
the developer of cued speech.
This French man played a pivotal role in the history of deaf education.
The first deaf African-American Gallaudet graduate and founder of schools for the deaf in Africa.
the father of oral deaf education.
The first deaf president of Gallaudet University
the current provost of Gallaudet University
the former president of Gallaudet University after I. King Jordan
the current president of Gallaudet University, after Robert R. Davila
the former provost who was terminated as president of Gallaudet University.
A bodybuilder and actor with hearing loss
A look at the career of this longtime deaf African-American actor and comedian
An episode of 'Survivor' included a this deaf contestant.
Founder of Silent News
The founder of the Girl Scouts in America.
A contemporary baseball player who is deaf.
he was a professional deaf football player.
The only deaf man known to have an entire county named after him in Texas

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