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Who is the deaf actor who was the star of his own television program, 'The Quiet Man?'
Who is the National Theatre of the Deaf graduate that appeared on Sesame Street?'
Who had the title role in Children of a Lesser God on Broadway?
What was the title of the Waltons TV program that featured a deaf girl?
Who was the deaf boy in the '70s program James at 15?
Who played the deaf boy in one episode of the popular '80s program Family Ties?
What was the title of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode that featured a deaf person?
Who was the deaf actress on the Beauty and the Beast TV program?
What was the title of the episode of Little House on the Prairie that featured a deaf teen?
Who was the deaf teen who played Lydia in the movie Children of a Lesser God?
Name this person who founded the world's first public school for deaf students in Paris.
Name the Deaf Frenchman who was both a student and teacher at the Paris school (1798-1816)
Name this person who is a hearing American, founded the first school for the deaf in Hartford, Connecticut in 1816
Laurent Clerc, along with Paris school faculty members _______and __________ formed the core of a group of pioneering deaf intellectuals
Name this deaf American baseball player (1862-1961).
Name this American deaf-blind writer, lecturer, and actor
Name this founder of Gallaudet University
Name Edward Miner Gallaudet's two childowler Gallaudet andren
_______________ is the former president of Gallaudet University to replace Dr. Jordan.
______________ became the first Deaf woman to win an Academy Award for her role in Children of a Lesser God. She won for Best Actress.
_______________became the first Deaf woman to win the title of Miss America.
Name this deaf MMA fighter
_______________ is the actress who played the lead role on Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye.
_______________is the Famous Deaf Actress, Most notable for her roles in Jericho and Weeds.

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