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Who is the deaf person who set up the Utah School for the Deaf in 1884?
What year was the Nebraska School for the Deaf established?
Who was the third founder of the American School for the Deaf in addition to Thomas Gallaudet and Laurent Clerc?
Who were two of the first deaf black teachers?
Who established the John Tracy Clinic in Los Angeles?
Heather Whitestone is a graduate of which school for the deaf?
Which school for the deaf published The Silent Worker?
Oil was discovered on the land of which school for the deaf?
Which school for the deaf is located on an island?
Which school for the deaf began as an orphanage?
Who is the deaf person associated with the invention of the football huddle?
What year was the National Deaf Bowling Association formed?
Which school for the deaf's basketball team was the first to win a state-wide tournament?
Deaf swimmer/lifeguard Leroy Colombo received an award for saving a life. Whose life did he save?
Who was the wrestler known as 'The Mighty Atom' at Gallaudet College in the 1920s?
Who won the National Golden Gloves Championship in 1946?
Who was the deaf professional baseball player whose actions caused a game to be called because of rain?
When did the World Games for the Deaf begin?
Who was the deaf boxer featured in a Ripley's Believe it or Not cartoon?

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