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What restaurant within walking distance of Gallaudet was a popular 'date place' in the '80s?
Gallaudet produced the Deaf Mosaic television program. Which of these men was the host?
What is the name of the Gallaudet student newspaper?
What is the name of the Gallaudet yearbook?
Who was the guest speaker at the first class to graduate from Gallaudet University (after it changed its name from Gallaudet College)?
What is or was the name of the student bar on the Gallaudet campus?
What is the name of the publication for young deaf people produced by Gallaudet?
Who has written many of the plays presented at Gallaudet?
What dormitory was the telephone interpreting service located in before the establishments of TTY relay services?
What was the original name for Gallaudet University (College)?
Who were the three men involved in the founding of the National Association of the Deaf?
The American Society for Deaf Children was founded what year?
Before it became the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf, AG Bell was known by what name?
How many deaf teens attended the first convention of the Junior National Association of the Deaf in 1968?
Howard Stone, the founder of Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, was known by what nickname?
Who was the first Miss Black Deaf America?
How did Children of Deaf Adults begin?
CONTACT was published by what organization?
What year was the Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf established?
Which national organization was founded during the 1963-1965 Rubella epidemic?
How many countries participate in the International Federation of Hard of Hearing People?

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