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Who was U.S. President to sign the law to establish Gallaudet University?
When N.T.I.D. was first opened its door to the deaf students?
Where is N.T.I.D?
Who was the President to sign the law to create N.T.I.D.?
Which deaf actress was first to perform on Sesame Street?
Which deaf actress was first actress to win the Oscar Best Actress Award?
Who was the deaf sculptor of “ the Bear Hunt “
Where is the “Bear Hunt” located ?
When was Connecticut Asylum for the Education and Instruction for the Deaf started?
Which was the first state supported school for the deaf in the United States of America?
Which international conference voted to ban sign language?
What is the shape of the sculpture in front of LBJ/Bldg 60 at NTID?
Who is the NTID graduate who went on to found Deaf Life magazine?
What kind of land was NTID built on?
What is the name of the NTID public relations magazine?
Who was vice president of RIT/director of NTID in the 1980s?
Who was the first director of NTID?
What was the name of the 'Dining Commons' at NTID?
What shopping mall is closest to NTID?
What was the name of the shortcut between the dormitories and academic buildings at one end of the campus?
Who was the first deaf professional hired by NTID?

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